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10 Food Addiction Signs That You Need To Acknowledge

Food addiction is not a metaphor! Scientific research clearly shows that fast foods and high sugar diets actually trigger the same feel-good centers of the brain like cocaine and heroine.

(Heck, theories suggest that the Coke in the secret recipe of the famous health drink is actually Coke!) The fast foods act on a powerful reward mechanism that gets you to eat uncontrollably. You also develop a tolerance to consumption that ultimately leads to gluttony.

1. Fast foods and soft drinks are your life

Many women just live on swallowing their burgers and donuts with soft drinks daily. Even if you have the time to prepare something in your kitchen, the attraction of fast foods is more than the patience of cooking.

An occasional pizza is definitely most welcome, but please do not make it your daily routine! Your idea of pleasure gets totally messed up because your food habits then depends on the instantaneous hit of the feel-good hormones.

Pleasure is something that should be derived in moderation because it is a special feeling. Excessive indulgence shifts happiness to a sense of harmful addiction. Try to avoid the common fast foods (not pizzas) and cold drinks.

2. You are ashamed of your weight

Feeling ashamed about weight is actually a sure sign of food addiction. Any harmful addiction affects your self-image negatively and extra weight does just that. You feel guilty because the urge to gorge is uncontrollable.

You have tried everything from crash dieting to raw fruit diet, but ultimately you simply cannot deny hitting out for the fast food joint. In fact, the thought of leaving out fast foods cold turkey gives you shivers and is totally unacceptable. It is a loop and you need to break it. Start with replacing the unhealthy junk foods with good fast food. Pizzas are good to an extent for example! Tacos are also good option. Instead of cold drinks, try fruit juices.

3. You go to extremes to stay in shape

Not all food addicts gain weight. However, the background secret is quite gross. Many women who depend on fast foods actually forcefully vomit after they eat! Is that the way to enjoy food?

You even accept puking forcefully to delight on the instant spicy pleasure of fast foods! Many others ultimately opt for a bariatric surgery procedure where the doctor reduces the stomach volume surgically.

Even then, many cannot control their urge to eat! There is a difference between gluttony and eating. The second one is a healthy habit based on moderation, while the first one is nothing but greed (harshly said). If you want to get rid of food addiction, first get rid of worshipping greediness.

4. Hiding your dining

When you prefer to hide when you eat, it clearly shows that you have reached a very serious state of addiction. You recognize eating as something shameful, but you still cannot control it.

You stay put from social occasions, but will go out of your way for your daily fix of soft drinks. Everything manifested externally is essentially a projection of your internal status.

So, when you are hiding from women because you eat heavily, it actually means, somewhere in your mind you are denying the harm caused by the food. The only way to overcome this is to accept this dark side of yours. Unless you accept, you cannot modify it. Denial only leads to increased consumption.

5. You eat even when you are full

This is probably the biggest sign of food addiction. You just keep on stuffing food even when you should be totally full with all that you have eaten. Your mind develops a high tolerance level based on the reward mechanism of your brain.

With every meal, you just keep on eating a little extra! This actually increases your stomach size prompting heavy eating. There is no other way to combat this unless you accept that you have an addiction issue. Scientists show that the taste of food is at its best only in the first few bites. Later on, the secretion of saliva, the spice, and the preservatives numb the taste sensations.

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6. You eat to the point of being ill

Eating to the point of being ill is totally unacceptable. Keep a tab on your natural instincts. If you are feeling filled up, why should you even eat more? It is nothing but your greed doing tricks on your mind!

The effects are bad. Your body has to process all those extra fat and much of it is deposited in the cells. Control your greed! There is no gentle way of putting this! Delight in foods but do not push it to the extreme where it harms both your body and mind. Just because fast food is damn cheap and available on a phone call, does not mean that you will eat as much as you want.

7. You are stealing food

This is an extreme sign of food addiction. Minds become so twisted on the lure of fast foods that you steal foods from your friends and relatives. You think it is nothing wrong at all because after all you are not stealing money!

However, please recognize that buying foods also require money and thieving is thieving no matter what! You get labeled as a food thief among friends which is probably one of the worst nicknames one can have!

Obviously, you also feel guilty, but your urge to eat is too great! Get rid of this habit by accepting that food theft is wrong. No one can solve this for you unless your healthy mind is a stronger voice than the twisted mind.

8. Food is your priority in social gatherings

Many abject eaters cannot think of anything but foods. Social gatherings are meant to communicate with women and all that. The dining is only a pretext to get together and enjoy a happy time!

However, for you, meeting women has no meaning at all. You are already drooling for the mutton! This is totally unacceptable and requires serious attention. Your mind has become twisted to the extent of being insensitive to the emotions of women close to you. The only thing you need now is total cleansing! One must take the toughest steps, fueled by self-control, to get rid of this dire insensitivity.

9. Food never seems to satisfy you

As much as you eat, it never seems to satisfy your hunger. Being a foodie is not the same as being gluttonous. Foodies are connoisseurs who love to delight in the magic of the palate.

A gluttonous person is a thoughtless eating machine. Your insatiable hunger may be actually deriving from some dark place of your mind. It needs to be treated! Developing self-control is never easy!

Fast foods on the other hand totally promote easy and cheap pleasure. Does this make sense? Happiness does not depend on quantity! It is a transient feeling, exclusively depending on quality. The quantity should be just as much as your body allows, and strictly not more than that.

10. Your regular healthy routine is hampered

Your life has become a mess because of your fast food addiction. The kitchen is strewn with food packages.

The fridge is stuffed to the seams with fast food and soft drinks. Nothing seems to work out. You reach late for the office. Your relationships suffer because you cannot keep your promises.

All day long, you just want to sit in the couch, and eat, without thinking much about it. Eating has become more of an oral fixation than the critical process to supply nutrients. Bring your life to the right track by a solid introspective realization. Act before it is too late!