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10 Foods That Should Not Be Reheated

Pumpkin, spinach and courgette soupPhoto by Luca Nebuloni

6. Spinach

Spinach is a super healthy food that many people enjoy in their salads, but there are many people who eat spinach as a side dish. But did you know that spinach is one of the worst foods that should never be reheated?

Spinach together with other leafy vegetables contains a high amount of nitrate that depends on the variety, season, soil and water conditions where the spinach has grown.

Nitrate itself is really safe and harmless, but as it converts to nitrites, and then again to nitrosamines, we get the foods that can be carcinogenic. This mostly occurs after spinach is heated, stored and then again reheated. It affects the ability of the blood to transport oxygen by transforming hemoglobin, into methemoglobin, a protein that is not able to carry oxygen. So eat it cold or throw out the leftovers.