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10 Foods That Should Not Be Reheated

Potatoes to be roasted in ovenPhoto by vauvau

7. Potato

It is not good to leave baked potatoes out at room temperature overnight and reheat them and eat them the next day. This is a food safety issue.

Potato, when baked, has a neutral PH factor and can quite easily grow microorganisms. This vegetable is a highly nutritional food which we should not reheat because it so loses most of its nutrients, and even becomes toxic.

Consume it tight after preparation or even better cold. Besides the possibility of becoming toxic after reheating, they will lose up to 30 % of their remaining folate and vitamin C. To minimize nutrient loss and to prevent the possible poisoning, the best way is to consume the potatoes is without reheating. If you are preparing stews for a few days, use the potatoes and add them subsequently.