10 Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Photo by Pixabay

Healthy diets can be difficult for seniors. Appetites change, medications have side effects, and access to food can be restricted in multiple ways. Follow these tips to make it easier for seniors and their caregivers to eat better.

1. Stay Hydrated

Focus on drinking water, 100% juice, and low-fat milk.
Do you find drinking water to be difficult? Try adding a non-sugar flavoring such as Mio or Crystal Light. These squeeze in flavorings add to water to create a tasty treat, without extra sugars or sodium.

Be careful about the juice you choose. Avoid those labeled as “drink” “beverage” or “cocktail”. These drinks contain extra sugars and have lower vitamin and mineral counts than real fruit juice.
When choosing milk, stick with one that is low-fat or fat-free, and vitamin D fortified. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, and the combination of vitamin D and calcium will help with bone strength.

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