10 Healthy Midnight Snack Ideas

Although many people think that late-night eating is bad for their waistlines, that doesn’t have to be true at all. Not all snacks are created equal.

Late-night snacks which are the best are those which are easy to digest. Carbs are good but too much fat, protein, or fiber can leave you awake during the night because you are too full.

In case your midnight eating includes gobs of peanut butter, ice cream, or buttery grilled cheese, here are several healthier options for you. Prepare yourself ahead of time and make these low-calorie options earlier so you are ready when the mood strikes.

1. Strawberry shake

Blend strawberries, kefir and a teaspoon of honey for a refreshing protein shake which is also full of digestion-enhancing probiotics.

2. Frozen blueberries

One cup of blueberries is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and more than four grams of fiber. If you want a little bit richer snack, you can add light whipping cream on the top.

3. Yogurt cubes

You should try this lean alternative if you are an ice cream lover. Just pour a homemade smoothie, such as strawberry mixture above, into ice cube tray and freeze it until slushy.

4. Multigrain pretzels

Pretzels are a very good alternative to chips, whether in stick or twist form. One ounce of pretzels boasts just about 100 calories. Dunk them In yogurt in order to add some metabolism-revving protein.

5. Crackers

Try Ak-mak crackers for a nutty snack which are made of stone-ground sesame seeds. You can also try low-fat-rye mini toasts or multigrain Wasa crackers. Eat them with a small slice of lean lunch meat or spread on top light cheese.

6. Cheese quesadilla

Sprinkle grated low-fat cheese between several high-fiber tortillas, and then crisp both sides on the indoor grill or a cast-iron skillet. The healthiest cheeses contain only 3-5 grams of fat per ounce.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is low in sugar, high in protein, and can really fill you up. Fix in your own fruit if you want more flavor.

8. Garden vegetable omelet

Although omelets can look like the best option on midnight menu, but the serving sizes are not good for your health. Instead, make your own healthier version by tossing in a lot of vegetables.

9. Healthy baked sweet potato fries

There is almost nothing as tasty as French fries, especially those we eat at late-night hours. In this recipe, you will bake and not fry, but without losing any flavor. Sweet potato fries contain a good amount of vitamin A, which will give a boost to your eyes at the end of a long day.

10. Homemade bagel bites

Pizza is not exactly a vegetable, no matter how much we wish for it. However, it is still possible to make a healthy version of the bagel bites, for a midnight snack. What makes this snack good is built-in portion control. Use whole-wheat bagels in order to make them even healthier, and top with vegetables and herbs.