10 Horrible Food Combinations You Should Never Try

Any fool can combine two or more random, inappropriate foods to make a revolting dish. But these ten combinations deserve special mention.

MentosPhoto by quinn.anya

1. Diet soda and mentos

As evidenced by a million amateur chemists on Youtube, Diet Coke and Mentos produce a unique and powerful eruption when combined. This is actually the modern variant of the “Pop Rocks and soda” urban legend that grew in the 1970s.

The ingredients in Mentos and their highly porous surface combine with the carbonation in the soda to create this exciting reaction. In theory, any carbonated beverage will work, but diet sodas that use aspartame as a sweetener (like Diet Coke) are best because it lowers the surface tension of the liquid much more quickly than sugar does.

Rumors and urban legends abound telling tales of exploded stomachs after ingesting this mixture, but in reality, all it’s likely to do is give you some of the most powerful burps of your life (and possibly send a good amount of the liquid back up to them).

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