10 Super Replacements For Morning Cup Of Coffee

How often do you have a cup of coffee when you wake up? Coffee is our morning ritual, our afternoon pick-me-up, and our daily boost of energy.

Although coffee is a great source of antioxidants and nutrients, there are many other healthy replacements that will get you moving throughout the day. We have put together a list of 10 healthy and delicious alternatives to your usual morning coffee.

1. Homemade juice

Juicing has become very popular in recent years because raw fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that support your health. Drinking a juice in the morning can increase your energy and boost immunity. Not to mention, fresh juices are all natural and low-cal.

2. Raw cacao latte

Made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans, raw cacao powder is powerful antioxidant thanks to its high amounts of resveratrol, which helps in protecting your nervous system. Mixed with warming almond milk, raw honey, and cayenne pepper, a raw cacao latte is a perfect addition to your morning routine.

3. Dandelion root tea

This tea is made from the root of the common dandelion, and like the rest of the tea families has plenty of medicinal and health benefits. Slightly bitter with a dark brown color, it mixes well with honey, milk or sugar, and it is also good for liver support — so good that after a couple of nights out drinking, you will feel better.

4. Lemon water

We know, this is not anything like coffee. But waking up with a cup of warm lemon water slowly wakes up your liver and kicks off your system on the right foot.

5. Green tea

If you crave caffeine but are trying to cut back, green tea is a great healthy option. With a pleasant taste it serves up a subtle, but noticeable caffeine buzz. And, as you’ve probably heard, green tea has plenty of antioxidants, which protect you against free radicals and cancer.

6. Rooibos tea

This tea is another full-flavored tea that can be mixed with any kind of milk and has plenty of flavor on its own as well. It’s widely available at good restaurants and coffee shops. This tea has been consumed in Africa for thousands of years. Many doctors say it has immune-boosting properties.

7. Yerba mate

Yerba Mate is an antioxidant-rich tea grown in South America. It’s super yummy. You can have it cold or hot with soy or rice milk and maple syrup. Yerba Mate can get you super spazzy from the caffeine, but if you’re looking for a healthier caffeine fix, this is a better option than coffee!

8. Genmaicha (brown rice) green tea

Genmaicha is quite delicious. It is roasted brown rice tea. But beware, all green teas contain caffeine. If you like green tea, though, this is a good one.

9. Kombucha

For those adventurous folks, try Kombucha as your new coffee replacement. Kombucha is a fermented drink in the tea family. As weird as it may sound, we can assure you that this bubbly and sweet drink will not let you down.

10. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate will give you a bit of a lift, and the warm, cozy sensation you get from coffee. And an iced chocolate on a warm day is almost as lovely a treat as an iced coffee. If you want to avoid the extra calories from the sweetness, cut down on the fat level of the milk. Your stomach is happier and the caffeine won’t hit your system as fast when combined with full-fat milk — and it tastes so wonderful.