10 Tips For Choosing The Right Diet

I'm on diet #1

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You should be well informed before you start following the certain diet, you should know the rules and whether they fit you or not.
To get the best results you should pay attention to these 10 things.

1. You should be able to function well while following a certain diet. This is the most important tip. If your diet looks like torture and you have issues with food, you’ll have problems losing weight. You should make long-term changes in your lifestyle to get rid of excess weight permanently. So whatever you do to lose weight needs to be implemented for good. That means that you need to be able to eat food you love. Food shouldn’t prevent you from socializing. Don’t let diet prevent you from enjoying your life.

2. You shouldn’t lose more than 1 kg a week. It’s ok if you lose couple kilos at the beginning of the diet, but your average should be 1kg. Everything above that is not healthy.

3. Your diet shouldn’t be extreme in any way. Certain food group is not supposed to be excluded from your menu unless your doctor told you otherwise. A balanced diet will ensure that your body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay strong. So, stay away from low carb diets.

4. You’re not supposed to feel hunger if you’re losing ½ to 1 kilo a week, assuming that you planned your meals correctly.

5. You should have a large selection of food. There is no reason to get rid of food that you eat from week to week. If your diet doesn’t work from day one, it’s probably not going to work at all.

6. You should be able to enjoy holidays. If your diet doesn’t have anything planned for you for holidays, you won’t be able to avoid them. You’ll just ruin your diet. That is a reason why many go on a diet in January after holidays.

7. You should be able to have moments of weakness. Perfect diets are for perfect people, but, as we all know, perfect people don’t exist.

8. You don’t have to exercise, while following the diet, to lose weight. Exercise makes us feel good, but good sides of exercise should be the bonus, not the necessary part of diet plan.

9. You should be well informed before you start following any diet. Whichever diet you choose, you need to know meal plan, so you can evaluate if that’s the right diet for you.

10. You should control diet, not the other way around. By this, we mean that diet should fit your needs. Strict rules only increase your chances of failure. Also, you should check with your doctor before you start following any diet plan.