11 Foods High In Vitamin D, And Why You Should Care About It

Ricotta Salata

Photo by grongar

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin which is required by our bodies for the bone development, proper absorption of calcium, alleviation of inflammation, proper immune functioning, control of cell growth, and neuromuscular functioning. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause a disease in which bones are not able to develop properly. In this article we will look at 11 foods which are high in vitamin D, and why you should care about it.

1. Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese stands out among other cheeses for its fairly high content of vitamin D. However, one serving contains 25 IUs of vitamin D, and it would still take about 23 servings in order to get recommended daily dose solely from this cheese.

You should also consider the amount of fat you would eat, which is highly not recommended. In comparison with other types of cheese, ricotta cheese contains about five times more vitamin D. That said, it’s recommended to consume ricotta cheese for the intake of vitamin D, but you should think about other sources as well since this cheese contains a lot of fat, much more than recommended daily dose.

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