Piece of cake

11 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Did you ever ask yourself what are you doing wrong?

Certain mistakes can ruin even the best-disciplined diet. If you eat healthily and exercise and you can’t lose weight you’re probably asking yourself what’s wrong. These reasons might be the issue.

1. You ate a piece of cake. The biggest problem here are not the excess calories. It’s the decision to give up on the diet just because you made one bad decision. It is unrealistic to think that you have to follow any diet plan 100%. Don’t let one mistake ruin all the effort you put in. Think about your diet as 90-10% balance. Eat healthy 90% of the time and then eat whatever you want 10% of the time. You’ll realize that one bad meal can’t ruin all the healthy ones.

2. One of the biggest mistakes you can do is eat in front of TV. No matter how hungry you are, and how many of your favorite shows are on TV, don’t mix these two things. Find some time to eat peacefully, without any distractions.

3. Skipping breakfast. Everybody loves to sleep little longer, however, if you eat in one hour after you woke up, you’ll speed up your metabolism and prevent overeating later in a day. If you got used to skipping breakfast and waiting for lunch, it’s time to change this bad habit. Grab something in the morning like cereal, fruit or some other snack and keep hunger under control.

4. We all like to socialize and relax, but you have to be moderate. Everything is good in moderation. People today eat too much of everything, salt, fat, sweets, etc. Try everything, but pick right portions, and choose healthier things like grilled fish or chicken.

5. If you have leftovers from lunch, save them for next day. If you have something ready, it will lower your chances of grabbing something unhealthy when you’re hungry.

6. Don’t share food with your partner. Even though it seems fun and sexy, don’t do this. It will not help you lose weight. The fact is that men like different food than women; it is usually something greasier.

7. Food plus alcohol. If you come home from the night out it’s best to just go to bed. The combination of food and alcohol is not really a good decision. Experts recommend a lot of water with alcohol, nothing else.

8. Be careful when you eat salad. Even though this might seem strange, but even the salad can have its own traps. Different dressings make the salad more caloric, so watch out.

9. Keep unhealthy ingredients like salt, flour, butter and sugar as far away as you can, you’ll use them less.

10. You finally started working out and then you reward yourself with food. No matter how hard you exercise, don’t underestimate all the calories you eat later.

11. Don’t count your brunch or other snacks as meals. They are really good, and you need to eat them more. They will control your appetite so you won’t overeat later.