11 Ways To Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

Do you like the benefits of drinking your workout drink, but hate the taste? Here are some tips to make your daily drink something you’ll actually look forward to!

Photo by Pixabay

1. Make it LOOK Better

When you see how delicious something looks, you just want to eat it. That is why food advertisements and menu photos have such a huge impact on us. If you want to make your next drink taste better, try making it look more appealing to eat. Use a uniquely shaped glass or colorful milkshake straw. Add some toppings along the brim of the glass to give it some #foodporn flare.

The #proteinshakes hashtag on Instagram has over 100,000 posts. It may just be a placebo, but it gets you to drink it. Next time you make your own, try making it look good enough to drink.

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