4 Melon Coctail Ideas


Photo by tamakisono

Melon contains a number of vital antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the human body.

But the most fun in consuming melon comes in melon cocktails. These smooth and refreshing cocktails made from fresh melon, are the perfect drink to sip after a long day.

1. The melon balls cocktail

During the hot summer nights, this is a perfect cocktail to cool you. If you make it the melon juice yourself it can be even tastier.


– 3 oz melon juice
– 4-5 oz orange Juice
– 2-3 melon balls formed with a fruit baller
– ice

Homemade melon juice:

– 1/4 of melon
– 1/2 cup of sugar
– 1 cup of water

Instructions :

For juice: In blender mix melon. Put the melon, sugar, and water on heat until sugar devolves.

Add melon juice and orange juice and stir to combine, then garnish with melon balls. Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds and skin. Cut ¼ of the melon into tiny cubes. Put the chopped melon in a bowl and add the sugar. Stir well. Leave for 2-3 hours and strain the chopped pieces with a colander.

2. Pear and melon cocktail

This refreshing and cool cocktail you can make it in just about few minutes. The fresh ginger really add a special taste that you will love! It is best to consume it within 1 day.


– 1/2 quartered melon
– 2 quartered pears
– 2 slices of fresh ginger
– 45 ml of pear juice


Remove the seeds and skin from the melon. Blend the melon, pears, and ginger until liquefied. Pour the pear juice into a tall chilled glass and add the melon, pear, and ginger.

3. Minty melon cocktail

A cocktail that is very refreshing and delicious too. Juicy melon, cucumber, and mint make the great exotic drink.


– ½ chopped melon
– ½ chopped cucumber
– ⅓ cup fresh mint leaves


Into a juicer put melon, cucumber, and mint. Mix until they are smooth. Refrigerate juice until ready to use. Add a couple of ice cubes. Fill glasses and serve.

4. Melon ginger cocktail

The sweetness of the melon is balanced with the cool mint. It’s full of vitamin C so not only you will be refreshed but you will get many nutrients.


– 1 cubed melon
– 1 1/2 oz rum
– Fresh mint
– Juice of half of lime
– Soda water
– 1 oz of ginger simple syrup

Ginger Simple Syrup:

– Ginger(fresh)
– 1 cup Sugar
– 1 cup Water


Before getting started to take mint and squeeze just to let the juices out. Then make a syrup. Put a ginger, sugar, and water in the same pot. Out on heat until the sugar is melted. In a blender put the lime, melon, 3 cups of ice and cover with water. First, you put a mint on the bottom of the glass, then add syrup, then the lime juice and add the melon puree from a blender. Put ice and mint on the top and enjoy.