You Cant Scarf Water

4 Must – Follow Tips For Digestive Health

We have heard many times the sentence ‘you are what you eat’ and that is the bare truth. By increasing your intake of a number of different nutrients our digestion can be improved.

If your digestive system is so unbalanced that can not absorb anything like it should, what is a point to eat a healthy rich nutrient food?

1. Eliminate toxic foods from your diet

As toxins can have a damaging, long-term effect on our body, it’s important to detox and cleanses your body from time to time through healthy eating. Change the commercial meat that is linked to cancer and heart disease.

With the accumulation of hormones from meat, herbicides, and pesticides, toxic reactions may occur and be deadly. In vegetable oils exist trans fats that cause stroke even cancer. Remove all refine sugars and grains from your diet. Refined sugars or high glycemic lead to elevated glucose, that elevates insulin leading to heart disease, premature aging, and type II diabetes.

2. Reduce alcohol, caffeine and other drugs

Alcohol reduces the number of nutrients that are released into the blood stream. It also changes the speed of digestion, causing dysfunction at all stages. Caffeine causes stomach irritation because It irritates the delicate membranes. It can also cause diarrhea and acid reflux.

The permanent diarrhea is a trigger for Bowel’s and Crohn’s disease. It has a number of negative effects preventing important stress management processes from occurring properly. Because it causes food to move too quickly through the digestive tract, it can also block the proper absorption of minerals and vitamins.

3. Drink plenty of water (but not while you eat)

If your diet doesn’t contain enough water amount, you will feel that your digestive system is out of balance. The result is very uncomfortable constipation because as the waste dries out, it makes difficult to relieve yourself. Water prevents mucus from drying out and keeps tissues along your digestive tract soft, rather than stiff.

Water makes stools stick together, leaving the leftover waste your body rejected. During that our body rejects not only waste but most important the toxins. You will help your digestive system to remove toxins from the body, re-hydrate it, flush toxins and give you an energy boost without no coffee.

4. Eat more fiber

If you eat fiber and not drinking enough water amount, fiber becomes overly binding, causing dry and hard stools. Fiber also contributes to other processes, such as stabilizing glucose and cholesterol levels. Fiber attracts water, resulting in a gel matter. We can find in beans and oats, and fresh fruits.

Soluble fiber allows nutrients to absorb through intestinal walls and lower blood sugar. Improving the health of the digestive system is the principal advantage of a diet high in fibers. Fiber is even more important for aged population. Because their digestive system slows down how they get older, so even more important for them is the diet with a high percentage of fibers.