4 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

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Photo by Michael Stern

The way most people think about calorie counting is completely false and will not lead to fat loss or to be healthy. Because the calories are not created equal, it is not the same to eat a calorie from vegetables and a calorie from consuming white sugar.

Most of us think ‘how can we have our favorite foods’ and still lose weight. So basically when we count calories instead of eating a lot of bad junk foods, we eat the small amount, but we still eat it. But in the end, it the same because calorie count doesn’t change the foods that we eat. These are the main reasons why calorie counting is not a good idea:

1. There are many different calorie types, they should not be treated in the same way

All calories are not equal in a way of how much energy is required to assimilate and metabolize the food. Our body needs different energy levels to assimilate and metabolize food. When we consume food that contains most of the protein sources the most energy is needed to metabolize and assimilate it ( about 20%), for a carbohydrate about 6%, and for fat, only 3% of calories are needed. That means we use fewer calories to metabolize carbohydrate or fat sources than protein based foods.

2. Different kinds of food satisfy us on a different level

When eating carbohydrates they soon leave the stomach and we feel hungry again. Fat takes the longest to digest, however, we may find ourselves overeating fatty foods because the digestion process becomes slower and it takes longer for our brain to send the signal telling us we are not hungry. Various studies have shown that when people who consumed more protein in their food, and ate as much as they wanted, each day later ate fewer calories and lost more pounds and felt less hunger.

3. Calorie effect on hormones

Hormones very much effect on our fat release and a fat storage. Consuming the foods that contain simple carbohydrates, insulin, and blood sugar rise, causing a quick fall in the blood sugar, and we are hungry. The constant spiking of blood glucose levels causes insulin resistance. This is called the insulin trap, a vicious cycle that makes our blood glucose not balanced, and creates a fat storage, and the hungry feeling. What may help is eating fiber and protein rich food such as seeds, nuts, and avocados.

4. Different food produces different energy levels

High energy foods in a small portion contain a large number of calories and low energy foods have a lower number of calories in a big portion. You can eat a small portion of high energy food or larger portion of low energy for the same calorie amount. The most important in determining how satiated we are when we eat the food is its weight. People who want to lose weight cannot just stop eating the same types of food because this will reduce the weight of food and will be very hungry.