4 Simple Ways To Start A Great Day


Photo by wedaka

When you wake up you should think about how happy you are just to be alive instead of all problems modern life brings us.
However, when the alarm clock starts going off at 6 a.m. it is hard to focus on all wonderful things in life.
Power is in our thoughts which actually dictate the rest of our day. Try some of these things and be happy every day.

1. Set your priorities straight

Do you have a deadline for a certain project? Are you expecting successful meeting? Think about these things as soon as you wake up because studies have shown that setting goals for the rest of the day can have the positive effect on your mood. You will not only be more organized, you’ll also feel energized. That is always a good way to start your day.

2. Think about all things you are thankful for

It is not a secret that gratefulness affects your mood. So, next time you wake up, remember all things you are thankful for. You’ll be happier and you’ll lower stress before you go to work. Life is full of problems which we need to solve and often we are stressed. Gratefulness is one of the things which can help you with that.

3. Visualize your loved ones

If you wake up grumpy, remember your loved ones. One study has shown that thinking about your loved ones makes you feel better and helps you get rid of negative thoughts. Also thinking about happy memories with your loved ones can have a positive effect on you. So, nice memory equals happy thoughts and feelings.

4. Don’t think about anything

When was the last time you enjoyed the silence? If you can’t connect with silence, you have to learn how to focus. It’s a therapeutic way to start your day. If you can’t sit in silence because you have to feed the kids or your husband likes to watch morning program, try enjoying your time with them but in a quiet atmosphere. Prepare for the day by taking some time for yourself in silence.