4 Types Of Processed Foods You Need To Avoid

Ewwww...processed meats

Photo by presleyfan

Most of us know the basic rules of the healthy diet – eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and grains, avoid processed foods. However, when it comes to processed foods, there are some foods which are somewhat healthy like beans and fish, and then there are really unhealthy ones like hot dogs. Here are 4 types of processed foods you certainly need to avoid.

1. Processed Meat

Hot dogs, salami, ham, sausages and similar products are processed meats, or in other words, they are products made from meat whose expiration date is prolonged. Nitrates which are added to many meat products for better color and prevention of bacteria are linked to colon cancer. You should lower the intake of meat which has been treated with smoke and salt. Scientists from Harvard discovered that people who eat 50g of processed meat a day increase their chances to heart disease by 42% and diabetes by 19%. Those meats contain huge amounts of sodium and saturated fats and they are not good for you in any way.

2. Frozen Vegetables With Spices And Dressings

While basic frozen vegetables are not a bad idea at all because they are packed right after harvest, you should avoid the ones that come with spices and dressings. By using them you’ll eat a bunch of sodium and fat, lot more that you would add yourself. So, buy frozen vegetables without any additives, add some olive oil for better flavor and make your heart happy.

3. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are currently under many investigations because of sudden deaths that have been related to their consumption. Whatever the conclusion is, you have to be aware that they contain crazy amounts of caffeine. One drink can contain from 50 to 500mg of caffeine as well as a bunch of sugar.
A better option for increased energy levels is water. Many studies have shown that slight dehydration can cause headaches, loss of concentration and fatigue. Because caffeine acts as diuretic you’ll lose energy even if you take caffeine.

4. Fruit Yogurts

Typical packing of yogurt with added flavor contains 24 to 30g of sugar, which is the daily recommendation for women. You might be surprised but some fruit yogurts don’t contain fruit at all. Make sure you always check the label. Best thing would be to make your own yogurt with fresh fruit, honey, and cinnamon.