5 Foods You Can Eat In Unlimited Quantities Without Putting On Weight

There are many people who want to lose weight but just can’t because they love food and eating so much that they are willing to risk their health and to gain pounds, in order to eat what they want.

But there are food products that you can eat all the time and still lose some weight. These are the main food products that you can eat, without being afraid of getting pounds:

1. Cucumber

If you love pickles, you are in luck, because it is healthy and you will not gain weight. Try placing your favorite toppings on top of a round cucumber slice: natural cheese, tuna salad, tomato (another negative calorie food) or onion. If you’re looking to lose body fat or maintain a healthy weight, eat all the pickles you want. But buy natural pickles made without the yellow food coloring because these additives are not good for your health either.

2. Leafy vegetables

A handful of lettuce contains no more than 10 calories, meaning you can consume this food and you’ll never gain a body fat. Besides weight loss, they play a significant role in decreasing our risk of diabetes and other health issues. When there are so many different foods to consume, healthy eating is not hard. Dark leafy greens — like cilantro, parsley, cabbage, spinach, arugula, kale, turnip greens, and so much more — have countless health benefits.

3. Celery

Because this vegetable is full of water and gives you the smaller amount of calories that your body will use for celery digestion, there isn’t fear of gaining pounds. It is also an excellent source of fiber that reduces the urge to snack and can help to keep you feeling fuller for a longer time. It also contains a powerful medicine in its juice (apigenin) that is very anti-inflammatory and one of the active constituents in celery reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, too.

4. Kelp noodles

They are packed with water and made out of sea kelp. And you can use them in a wide variety of recipes like soups, raw noodle dishes, and even the Italian cuisine. Traditional noodles are derived from grains and made with high-calorie starches. But other even spelt noodles and brown rice noodles still contain a lot of calories, and kelp noodles just 6 calories per serving. Because they fill a lot of our belly space, people don’t have a hunger feeling for a long time.

5. Grapefruit

This fruit is about 60% or more water, and most of the rest of this fruit is healthy fiber that helps your body to burn more calories at a faster rate and helps our metabolism to function properly. In the morning it boosts your energy and promotes feelings of fullness. It also contains limonoids that reduce our chances of developing tumors. At any time of day, if you want to enjoy something sweet that is still exceptionally healthy, grapefruit is a good choice.