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5 Foods You Should Avoid To Lose Weight

Ideally, it would be good for our health to make to make foods ourselves because we would then choose the healthy unprepared food and prepare it ourselves without any additives that can affect our health and also gain weight.

But In reality, because of limited health food sources and the time to make it, it is almost impossible, so we buy foods from supermarkets. Consuming that food has that has a very negative response on our body and weight. So these are the main products that you must not consume in order to lose some pounds and stay healthy:

1. Microwave meals

Foods from microwave contain mostly bad fats and preservatives, that certainly are not helping in losing weight and can cause very serious health problems, even the products marked with ‘Healthy’ labels because they contain sodium and preservatives. Many studies have shown that consuming these additives highly increases the risk of numerous problems with the health. If you like microwave food, there are alternatives that you choose the products with no sauce or additives, like vegetables and fruits.

2. Wheat bread

All bread is made from wheat, and in most wheat bread the main ingredient is flour, which is an enemy of weight loss. To find a real “healthy” bread, you must look for the bread that contains the whole grains. Refined white flour has no nutritional value, compared to whole grain flour, but contains lots of sugar and processed ingredients, so because of sugar and additives avoid it in order to lose weight.

3. Ketchup

Tomato sauce and ketchup, are often loaded with sugar. Tomato sauce is best when homemade so you can control the ingredients. Ketchup can sit for weeks bottled on tables without refrigeration because manufacturers pack ketchup full of sugar, that preserves to be spoiled. If you love ketchup and know that is bad, what will help you to decide is the fact that it contains the half amount of additives and other half is sugar. But there is an alternative, that you can find ketchup without added sugar.

4. Margarine

Margarine contains a lot of trans fats which increase bad cholesterol, that not only cause that people gain weight but, but can create many problems with health. Because of trans fats, people are very much worried about their health, so the manufacturers developed trans fat-free margarine, but they had to replace this emulsifying ingredient with a long list of other dangerous ingredients. Butter is a more natural product than margarine so if you must choose, chose butter defiantly.

5. Granola bars

Most granolas, which the bars are based on containing too much sugar, and are in lack of fiber so it doesn’t help in losing pounds. Also, they are usually topped with unhealthy additives like processed fruits and salted nuts. There is an alternative, switch to a piece of fruit like a banana, handful of nuts or grain crackers. If you really like a real snack bar, you can make your own.