5 Things Every Full-Figured Woman Should Know


Photo by sokdiyet

No matter how annoyed you are by the belly fat, you have to realize that even skinny women have problems with it. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them because there is no definition of beautiful. Many tried to define it without success and that tells even more about its mysteriousness.

Beauty depends on cultural context and western culture considers big people less beautiful. However, that can’t be further away from the truth. These next five facts support this statement and they will help full-figured women realize that they are beautiful just the way they are.

1. Lot of women have issues with belly fat

Lot of full-figured women are embarrassed of their belly fat, but the fact is that lot of women have it, so embrace your body’s beauty.

2. When others tell you that you’re beautiful, believe them

Many of the full-figured women don’t believe the compliment when they get it. Moreover, they get embarrassed. Keep in mind that most people really mean it when they give compliments, so believe them when they give you one. Don’t throw out their perspective thinking that you know better. You have to realize that they see you as whole, and that you only pay attention to your bad sides.

3. You are beautiful because of your body

Western culture describes unattractive women as beautiful inside, which is degrading. People are much more than their bodies, but bodies are also beautiful part of every human being. Beauty comes from the inside and outside, and each person in beautiful in their own way.

4. You don’t have to exercise every day to have confidence

Many believe that big person has to exercise more to prove that they are committed to losing weight- like accepting somebody the way they are is a sin, which is limited thinking. Physical attraction benefits body and mind, however, change your body only if you want to, not because of others.

5. Fall in love with yourself

This could be the most demanding thing you ever did, but you’ll realize that falling in love with yourself is the best experience you ever had. It will not make you narcissistic, it will set you free in every sense of the word.