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5 Tips To Make Your Pizza Less Junky

Pizza is a classic dinner staple, whether by slice or pie, minimalist or piled with toppings. The combination of fresh ingredients, gooey cheese, and blistered crust tastes right just about any day.

However, there is no need to pick up the phone and order to get the perfect pizza. You can make great pizza in your own oven. Here are 5 tips to make your pizza less junky.

Make the dough

This is very important. When you are making pizza, make sure not to get stressed out. This process is supposed to be fun. If you have time and patience to make your dough, we recommend that you do it. The dough is simple, fast, and easy to make. Any high-quality all-purpose flour will do the trick for the dough recipe.

However, in case you are looking to save time by buying pre-made dough, we recommend that you go into a local pizzeria on the way home and ask if they will sell you some dough. They will probably be happy to send you home with some dough to experiment with.

Turn up the heat

Most pizza recipes used in restaurants require a really hot oven. However, you should not go overboard trying to replicate their temperatures. It is highly recommended that you don’t follow suit. Instead, turn up the heat, but don’t burn down the house.

Use a baking steel

A baking steel is an important tool of home baking equipment. A quarter-inch piece of food-grade steel which works like a traditional baking stone. It is an excellent heat conductor that accounts for its magical pizza powers.

All you have to do is preheat your oven as well as baking steel, for about an hour at 500 degrees F, and then bake your pizza directly on the steel. A baking steel ensures a great consistent bake, resulting in best crusts from a home oven. If you are planning to often bake pizza at your home, we highly recommend that you buy one.

Take your time

Before shaping the dough, don’t forget to let it rest at room temperature. This is a crucial step which will make it much easier to handle. Add a little extra flour to your hands and the table, if the dough is too sticky. We recommend that you roll your dough out with a French rolling pin. However, don’t get too caught up in making a perfectly circular pizza. As a result, it can lead to overworking the dough.


Many people usually go a little crazy on the pizza toppings. However, by adding tons of sauce and cheese, you won’t make a masterpiece. Instead, you should go with several high-quality ingredients, such as crushed tomatoes, a little olive oil, some decent shredded cheese, and salt as a great starting point. Practice makes perfect, and for that reason make a pizza whenever is possible. See what bakes well, what you like, and what tastes best.