5 Ways To Protect Your Arteries From Greasy Meals

Agave Brined Pork Chops - Live Oak Barbecue

Photo by freecandy13

Greasy meals can shrink arteries for few hours and thus reduce blood flow. If you can’t stay away from barbecue follow these advices to keep your arteries healthy.

1. Marinate meat

Preparing meat on high temperatures can create compounds which can increase risks for diabetes. To reduce the amount of these compounds marinate meat in lemon juice or vinegar, grill it on low temperatures and remove charred parts.

2. Drink red wine

Chilean studies have proven that red wine can help reduce negative effect of greasy foods on arteries. Recommended amount is 230 milliliters of red wine a day.

3. Make hamburgers with a healthy grains

Study from Yale proved that combination of oats with greasy meals reduces its bad effects and arteries don’t shrink as much. Healthy grains lower fat absorption. Make hamburgers with bread made from healthy grains.

4. Add some avocado

When you eat a hamburger, arteries feel the effect for the next two days. If you add some cut up avocado, negative effect is reduced significantly. Healthy foods like avocado neutralize bad effects of meat.

5. Take a walk

Thirty minute walk can reduce concentration of fat in blood by 10 to 25 percent.