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5 Ways To Stop Eating Junk Food

Junk can be really addictive. When you eat junk foods, especially sugar-rich food, your blood sugar levels rise very quickly. This rapid rise over stimulates the insulin release, which makes you very exhausted, and your organism craves for sugar to raise your levels of energy.

The truth is that is very hard to get rid of junk food, just as any other type of addiction. But you must choose the healthy eating habits because we all know how much bad influence the junk food can have on our body and our health. These are the tips to follow in order to really stop eating junk foods:

1. Eat breakfast and stop eating during night

Eating during the night may be caused by physical exhaustion and emotional also. Besides that, these late-night eaters don’t have the healthy eating habits. Mostly they avoid breakfast (or just have coffee instead), have an unhealthy lunch (too low in fiber and calories), and when they get home they are starving. That is when your body craves for a quick glucose, that “junk foods” contains, and it needs the least time to get it. Consuming of junk food will cause to lose appetite in the morning, leading to skipping breakfast, and the cycle repeats, which is a recipe for disaster!

2. Clear out your fridge

You should throw out your junk foods from the fridge and replace it with fresh, natural, unprocessed foods. You should eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, grainy bread and whole-grain cereals. Also, you should have protein sources like fish, lean meat, poultry or tofu. Also, it is very good idea to make you own healthy meals, and ensure to a have healthy snacks on hand.

3. Stop sugar craving

What can help you to stop your sugar cravings and help to balance blood sugar levels is the protein intake. So you should eat more healthy protein foods such as eggs or baked beans on toast, yogurt, seeds and nuts, fruit smoothie, natural muesli, almond milk, banana, protein powder, and berries. Chromium and magnesium and are two minerals that can curb sugar cravings and help balance out blood sugar levels.

4. Choose a variety of foods

It is very important to consume a big variety of foods in order to keep you entertained. If you crave crunchy potato chips with dip, swap these for carrots and hummus. If you prefer brownies find a recipe that is refined sugar-free. Also, you should play and mix with various herbs and spices. If you always use the same four ingredients in your salads, change to another! Try new food combinations you have never had before, this is how your food will always be interesting.

5. Distract yourself and switch to other activity

When you feel a food craving coming on, try to occupy yourself with something else. In an ideal situation, you can turn this into a healthy activity, as going for a walk or run. When we watch TV and eat, our brain is on standby, so we eat all the food and wonder how we did it? Food cravings are often triggered by boredom or fatigue, so keeping yourself occupied will help ward off either of these.