6 Good Reasons To Lose Weight

If you are overweight you probably know that you should lose weight to improve your health rather than to look good. Even small changes can improve your health in many ways. Here are just few of them.

1. You’ll sleep better

One study proved that obese people who lost some weight improved their sleep. The study included 390 people who lost 5% of their weight and they slept 30 minutes longer compared to people that didn’t lose weight at all.

2. Your brain will benefit

The study from 2013 revealed that obese people had worse intelligence test scores than people with a healthy weight. Obesity didn’t have any connections with brain functions before, but this study discovered that obesity decreases blood flow to the brain enabling fat cells to reach it, just like they reach heart and muscles. Just 12 weeks of exercise can improve your brain functions.

3. You’ll have clear skin

Excess weight is linked to many changes on skin. It is still not clear if obesity affects acne and skin infections, but one study claims that losing weight can help with psoriasis. Grownups who were included in this study saw improvements after they ate healthier in period of 8 weeks.

4. You’ll save money

If you lose weight your wallet will benefit. The certain study has shown that money obese people spend on visits to doctor, medications and fast food adds up to thousands of dollars a year, which can be saved if you eat healthy.

5. You’ll feel less pain

Excess weight can result in joint pain because of the constant pressure, which can increase inflammations in whole body. Generally, losing weight can lower knee pain and joint pain, and you can also prevent some serious problems. One study has proven that people with osteoarthritis who lost 10% of their weight could walk faster and move better with less pain.

6. Making love will be much better

Certain study from Australia proved that obese men with diabetes who lost 10% of their weight improved their sexual drive. Reason for this hides in the fact that there is less pressure on heart. Also if you feel nice and you are not stressed, you’ll be able to function better during sex.