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6 Ultra-Healthy Zero Carb Snacks

Almost every food, even those marked as being carb-free, has a small amount of carbs.

If you want to lose the extra pounds, or you must control your eating habits due to health conditions such as diabetes or heart issues, we have some interesting snack that you can munch on your zero-carb diet.

This article will give you a list of 6 no-carb snacks, allowing you to have more menu options, and save you from the boredom of eating the same snacks over and over again.

1. Zero carb aged parmesan crisps

Traditional chip companies have been losing some market share because of the popularity of low carb eating. Some companies have been trying to fill the low carb snacking void by snatching those former chip eaters and those wanting gluten-free snacks. Because these are just cheese, the total fat amount and saturated fat are a little high, with 64 % of their calories coming from fat. But, 3 crisps will deliver 7 grams of protein and 20 % of your daily calcium needs.

2. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are currently at top of the list among the world’s most popular health foods. They are packed with many important nutrients, and can be used in all sorts of low-carb friendly recipes. Chia seeds are extremely rich in fiber, and may be the richest source of dietary fiber on the planet. However, keep in mind that almost all of the carbs in chia seeds are fiber, so in reality they contain very few digestible (“net”) carbs.

3. Dark chocolate

This may surprise some people, but quality dark chocolate actually can be no-carb treat. Just make sure to buy real dark chocolate with a 70-85% cocoa content (or higher), and then it will won’t have any sugar. Dark chocolate has many benefits, such as reduced blood pressure and improved brain function. Studies also show that people who consume dark chocolate few times a week have a much lower risk of heart disease.

4. Sugar-free popsicles

These slow-eating sweet snacks on a stick will help you to pass that time when all you can think about is eating your next meal. They’re really sweet tasting, and don’t contain carbs. And they are so tasty, that when you’re done with one, your stomach is going to feel full that you won’t even consider to eat anything else at the moment.

5. Sugar-free gelatin

Sugar-free gelatin contains no carbs and only 10 cal per serving, according to ‘Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy.’ You can make your own sugar-free gelatin at home, using a mix, or buy it in already prepared in single-serving containers. Typically, sugar-free gelatin is sweetened with different sugar substitutes, such as stevia or aspartame or stevia. Sugar-free gelatin makes a great snack to pack to work or school, because it does not have to be refrigerated.

6. Tuna

Even though you might not think of protein foods as snacks, some make great choices. For example, use some canned, water-packed tuna and wrap it in a zero-carb lettuce leaf as a snack. Or chop some lean, carb-free ham into a salad mixed with shredded cabbage or celery. Most cheeses are low-carb or-zero-carb, so take some string cheese or another cheese you like as an on-the-go snack. Pork rinds or beef jerky are also rich in protein and usually zero-carb, just be sure to count their fat content into your no-carb daily diet plan.