6 Healthy Snacks You Should Always Keep In Your Purse


Photo by Yoonki Jeong

When you’re hungry and you’re not near any stores, you’ll be happy you have these snacks in your purse

When you’re in a rush and you have many obligations and no time to eat, try to stay away from fast food and greasy snacks. Instead of that, stack up on healthy delicious foods which will be an ideal snack when you get hungry.

1. Apricot with chocolate

This can be an ideal solution when you crave something sweet. Besides that, both ingredients have high nutritional value.

2. Apple

This low-calorie sour-sweet fruit contains beneficial substances which stimulate our immune system, lower cholesterol and protect us from cancer. It is an ideal snack to grab when you’re hungry because it will beat the hunger in no time.

3. Almonds

Almonds are beneficial in many ways, they contain potassium, calcium, biotin, vitamin E and many other things that have the positive effect on our body. It is an ideal snack for our stressed bodies. The optimal daily dose is around 30g.

4. Rice bars

Rice bars could be a great way to beat the hunger, of course, if they are homemade without a bunch of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

5. Raisins

They certainly deserve a spot in your purse. When water evaporates from grapes all beneficial nutrients stay which are even more concentrated than in fresh grapes.

6. Whole grain bars

Because of the ingredients, they are made from, they are an ideal snack. Whole grain bars contain vitamins and minerals which replenish your body’ energy, making you ready for all of the life’s challenges.