6 Home Remedies Which Actually Work


Photo by DeSegura89

We don’t have to treat everything with medications, even everyday items have some medicinal properties. Here are few tricks to treat warts, headache…

1. Duct Tape For Wart Removal

A group of doctors compared the effectiveness of duct tape and liquid nitrogen in wart removal. After they wore duct tape for two months to remove dead skin, 85% of patients cured their warts, while only 60% managed to do the same thing with liquid nitrogen.

2. Oatmeal To Treat Eczema

Oat has amazing anti-inflammatory ingredients, whether you use it as pasta or throw it in the bathtub, but most scientists recommend oatmeal finely minced which should be applied to the area you want to treat. Oat has antihistaminic properties and it reduces inflammations. It lowers histamines levels which are immune system answer to inflammations.

3. Yogurt For Bad Breath

The neutralizing power of yogurt and probiotics when it comes to bad breath is simply amazing. Yogurt has no effect on bacteria in our mouth, but still, it neutralizes acid anywhere from the stomach to mouth including throat and esophagus. It can remove bad breath that comes from the stomach, but it has no effect on a bad breath that comes from gum disease, liver, and lungs.

4. Spoon Of Sugar For Hiccups

Doctor Edgar Engelman conducted a research in 1971 where he tries to determine if spoon of sugar will stop hiccups. He studied a group of 20 patients which had hiccups issues that lasted for 6 hours, 8 of them had hiccups for 6 weeks. He gave them each of them one spoon of sugar without water and in 19 out of 20 patients hiccups stopped immediately. Sugar probably has the effect on nerve impulse in the mouth which signal muscles of the diaphragm.

5. Pencil For Headache

We bite the pencils when we’re stressed. When we do that, we stretch muscles that connect jaw to the rest of the skull, and they are the ones responsible for a headache. During this process, we relax those muscles and reduce the pain. Sadly, this only works for ordinary headaches, not for migraines and sinus headaches.

6. Olives For Nausea

There are many things which cause nausea when traveling, including salivation, which is the natural process of our body that protects teeth from a high concentration of acid. Olives contain tannins and when they’re released in the mouth they dry out saliva, body instinctively adapts to that. Olives are only effective during the early stage of nausea, in beginning of increased salvation.