6 Signs You Eat Just To Fight The Battle With Emotions

Half Eaten Donut

Photo by Sam Howzit

Do you crave something sweet or crunchy? Maybe your cravings are caused by your feelings, not your stomach. But you can end this bad habit. If you notice any of these signs in your case, then maybe you eat because of your feelings, not the hunger.

1. You Crave Same Food At The Same Time

Do you crave something sweet like chocolate, or maybe something to snack on like popcorn at the same time of the day? If this happens to you, ask yourself are you really hungry, or you’re just trying to calm your emotions. If it’s the second answer, try taking a walk, write a diary, or call your friend for a quick conversation to get your emotions under control.

2. You Eat Too Much Food When You’re Feeling Happy

People eat more when they’re happy, they don’t want to ruin their happy feeling by avoiding food, and tomorrow they regret all excess calories. Think about what you eat, you don’t have to avoid food, but don’t eat more than you should.

3. You Failed The Apple Test

Next time you’re hungry, eat an apple. If it satisfied your hunger, then you were really hungry. If you’re still hungry, then your emotions push you to eat. Find something that’s going to distract you for 10 minutes, something like reading a magazine, taking your pet for a walk, or maybe a shower.

4. Your Will Power Weakens As Day Draws To An End

Afternoon overeating is mostly an answer to stress that accumulated during the day. If you eat food rich in carbohydrates, you’ll make your stress level even worse. To prevent afternoon hunger attacks, eat three meals a day and two in-between snacks. Each meal should have at least 300 calories and 15 grams of protein, snacks should have 150 calories and 10 grams of protein. To avoid afternoon hunger eat at least every three hours.

5. You Feel Guilty After You Eat Something You Shouldn’t

People who control their emotions with food feel good while they’re eating, but after the meal, they feel bad because they weren’t able to control themselves. To close the “good” food “bad” food circle, think about all the calories and carbohydrates as sources of energy and nutrients. Think about whatever makes you feel good like oatmeal, fruit, etc. Always have that food with you.

6. You Eat Too Fast

Instead of eating slowly, you act like you’re in the competition. You have to learn the difference between emotional and physical hunger. True hunger comes gradually and it followed by stomach growling, irritation, headache and lack of energy. Breathe in and out at least ten times, it will help you with hunger feeling, and it will balance chemicals in the brain, so you’ll choose your next meal carefully.