6 Ways To Improve Your Body Image Without Focusing On Weight Loss

Body image is made of your thoughts and feelings about the way your body looks. Sometimes the way you think other people are judging your looks can affect your body image.

So, what thoughts usually go through your head? I wish I had thinner thighs? Why can’t I have a flat belly? May but is awful? Sound familiar? You can stop these thoughts and feel better about your body by doing these simple things, and without focusing on weight loss.

1. Love your body

Loving your body means taking care of it. You should find a method of exercise that you like and do it regularly with the purpose to become healthy and active instead of losing pounds or working off calories. Consume foods that are nutritious and that fuel your body. Try eating only when you are hungry and find other ways instead of food to cope with difficult emotions.

2. Get physical

Let’s be clear here. By ‘being physical’ we didn’t mean that you must beat your body into submission to shrink a whole dress size. We think about challenging yourself. Work on your self-esteem. You can try something simple as completing a physically demanding activity you’d normally leave for someone else or signing up for a sport you’ve never had the nerve to try. When you realize how strong and capable your body is you might learn to love your body for all that it can do, and maybe even what it looks like, too.

3. Remember that everyone sometimes feels inadequate

You probably think you’re the only one who looks in the mirror and sometimes finds a sumo wrestler instead of the truly beautiful person that you are? We promise you are not alone. Even the most physically fit people struggle with feelings of body inadequacy. Even the most famous and most ‘beautiful’ people feel dissatisfaction with their physique. Whether you’re overweight, super fit or somewhere in the middle, you may always be dissatisfied with your looks unless you tackle what’s inside of it and find the confidence you need to accept yourself the way you are.

4. Get a massage

You already know that massage is a great in reducing stress, but did you know that it could also make you feel so much better about your body? Touch releases some really powerful hormones, like oxytocin, which flood us with feelings of safety and well-being. It’s common for people to leave a massage treatment feeling at peace with their bodies.

5. Throw out your scale

Most people use an at-home scale and the numbers it shows you typically cause more harm than good. Most people base their self-worth on the scale and so it becomes a measure not only of your physical body but also of you as a person. By throwing out your scale, you allow your physician to keep up with any weight changes for you and let you know if there is a problem.

6. Look for your strengths

Everyone has strengths; even you. Try to find parts of you that are your strengths, like your talents. Don’t just look at your physical features. There is much more you can offer than what is on the outside. Look deeper. Can you paint? Did you graduate from college? Do you make other people happy? Are you a great parent? These are the small things that make the difference; not whether or not you have great legs.