7 Exercises Which Will Transform Your Body: You Don’t Need a Gym For This

Go back to your roots and remember the exercises you did at school- transform your body in few weeks and strengthen your muscles

If you really want to exercise, you don’t need a gym, money or expensive equipment. Remember the exercises you did as a kid as part of your gym class. Those exercises are ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight and strengthen their muscles. You can use these 7 exercises to combine a 20-minute workout which you need to do at least 3 times a week.

1. Jumping rope

You can do this exercise at home or anywhere else. It burns more calories a minute than any other exercise. You can work out and have fun- share it with your children.

2. Squats

This powerful exercise will help you build butt muscles and burn a lot of calories. Maximize the effects by jumping when you go back up. You can also use weights to strengthen your muscles
even more. If you do this exercise regularly, you’ll get into ideal shape in no time.

3. Push ups

Many people avoid this exercise because it’s somewhat harder, but it can do miracles for our body. There are many different pushups which target different muscles. Do different pushups so you don’t get bored by routine. Few days a week of this exercise will give you strong chest and arms.

4. Lunges

Lunges are ideal if you want to strengthen your legs. Add jumping jacks, jumping rope and push-ups to this exercise and you’ll have a workout which will transform your body. To get the best results we suggest you do 3 series of 10 lunges each.

5. Swimming

Swimming might be a pleasure to many people rather than exercise. It is efficient workout which gives excellent results. It will help you define and relax all muscles in your body.

6. Running

Running will help you get rid of stress, fight depression, burn calories and improve your health. Enjoy running especially in the morning and your whole day will be happy and fulfilled.

7. Cycling

Cycling is a great exercise and it is great cardio workout which will help you strengthen your leg muscles. Take your partner, friends or children cycling and combine fun and exercise.