Atkins Diet: Bacon Omelette

Atkins Diet

Known as a Diet Without Carbs / Protein Diet / Atkinson Diet

First of all, we need to resolve the enigma of from where such a large number of names for the same diet comes.

The answer is simple: This diet consists of intake of foods that contain a high amount of proteins with hardly noticeable carbohydrate ( hence the names: Protein Diet and Diet with no carbohydrates).

As for Atkins, or Atkinson – all these words are formed from the name of the “inventor” of the diet (Dr. Robert Atkins ). In any case, the name of the diet is the Atkins diet. Either way – it is one and the same diet with more than one name, which is intended for people who are supposed to lose a greater amount of weight.

The diet consists of three phases. There is also a fourth stage, which is in fact, maintaining of achieved results. The first phase is limited carbohydrate intake to just 20 grams per day. The length of this phase is 2 weeks. In phase two comes to a gentle introduction to carbohydrates, especially the in vegetables, and in the third stage is forming the optimal amount of carbohydrates that a person could enter a longer period and have no problem with the weight.

Persons who have held this diet is advised that after reaching the desired weight continue with limited intake of carbohydrates to the fourth stage.

The theory …

When you eliminate carbohydrates from daily meals, the liver converts fat into glucose and additional products and synthesis toxic ketones.

Ketones suppress appetite, give the appearance and eating less which causes weight loss. Having in mind that this diet is not considering intake of vitamins and minerals, it’s recommended taking the vitamin pills that will make up for the obvious deficit of vitamins and minerals.

In this diet protein intake is not restricted. With no restrictions, you may eat meat, fish, and eggs. Cheese, vegetables, olives, oils, and fats are eaten in limited quantities, and alcoholic beverages, sugar, fruits, milk, yogurt, cereal, flour products and sweets are entirely prohibited.

and the diet practice …


The objective of the first phase of a diet is metabolic changes. Carbohydrate intake is limited to 20 grams per day. How this practically looks like? So, for example, for the breakfast, you can eat an omelet made ​​with two eggs with ham or bacon, for lunch grilled steak, for a dinner cooked fish. The first phase lasts for 14 days.


Phase two means a loss of body’s fat mass consumption stocks. Daily intake of carbohydrates is limited to 15 to 40 grams. So, meat, vegetables ( low in carbohydrate ) and that’s it…


Carbohydrates are gradually introduced but are limited to a maximum of 60 grams, which limit spreads to 4th phase – maintenance of current reduced weight.