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Avoid These Top 6 Unhealthy Beverages

Your ideal diet consists of both solid and liquid foods. You must be very careful when choosing the right solid foods when counting calories. However, are you paying attention to the beverages? Check out the following list of top 6 worst drinks to avoid.

1. Hard drinks

While alcohol is a regular beverage for many people, the hard truth is that these are strong narcotics affecting both your body and spirit.

Hard drinks are high in calories and they can cause you to gain weight rapidly. Beer bellies are too obvious to avoid noticing! Another common assumption is that alcohol instigates the libido or sex drive. In truth, it does exactly the opposite.

In fact, research also shows that regular heavy drinkers are more prone to cancer than moderate drinkers are. It is important to drink in balance and occasionally. Small pegs can actually improve the HDL level and help in body sugar metabolism.

2. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are bad. Period. They are choked with chemicals and additives that cause havoc in your body.

Soft drinks can increase chances of cancer and diabetes among other afflictions. They seriously affect teeth health and bones.

They are very high in calories and they make you obese over time. A 64 ounce bottle of soft drink consists of an overwhelming amount of 700 calories! Even diet soda is not good for health.

Studies connect diet soda to acid reflux and kidney issues. They also contribute to obesity. Consumers need to get over the advertised ‘diet’ soda myth. Advertisers have no compulsions to adhere with scientific studies that prove the truth!

3. Packed fruit juice

If you want fruit juice, buy organic fruit and juice them in your kitchen.

It is the best way to avoid the sweetened fruit juices found in packaged containers. These are rich in preservative chemicals.

You can check it yourself by verifying the expiry date on any fruit juice packet. After all, how long can a fruit juice remain fresh? The companies claim that they stay the same for six months or even more than that.

Apply your common sense. Can you keep a natural fruit juice in the freezer for six months? Besides, packaging causes the seepage of aluminum and polymer residues in fruit.

4. Iced tea

Make no mistake, tea is good for your health, but iced tea is not. Normal brewed tea and green tea are amazing for your health. However, iced tea almost entirely consists of water and carbohydrates.

A 12 ounce glass of iced tea packs in 32 gm of sugar. However, this applies to the bottled varieties you buy at the store. You can make your own iced tea.

Then, you can easily manage the calorie countl and other things. Just keep sugar to a minimum and do not use artificial sweeteners such as asparatame. These are cancer causing elements.

5. Vitamin water

You need to look through marketing to find the truth. The combination of vitamin and water sounds like a good combo.

However, if you look at the ingredient list, there is also a significant amount of calories in a bottle of vitamin water.

Why don’t you simply drink plain water and derive vitamins from vegetables and fruits? It is a better bet than the advertised vitamin water any day!

A typical bottle of vitamin water supplies about 120 calorie units to the body. Drink them in excess, and your waistline will continue to expand.

6. Store lemonades

Any common beverage with a shelf life is bad for health. Unless you make your own lemonade, avoid drinking them from the store. The store bought products are replete with artificial colors and sweeteners.

In addition, the manufacturers also put in a good heavy dose of chemical preservatives. A 20 ounce bottle of lemonade supplies 260 calories and 67 g of sugar. Does it sound good for your waistline?