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Blood Type Diet Review

Naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo developed the Blood Type Diet. This diet advises people to consume certain foods based on their type of blood: A, B, AB, or O.

He claims that each type of blood differently digests proteins. In addition, D’Adamo wrote in his book called “Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving” that he thinks eating the wrong foods containing the wrong proteins can cause some illnesses onto your body, such as bloating, cancer or slower metabolism.

You can achieve better health if you avoid the foods which are wrong for your type of blood and eat foods that benefit your type of blood. D’Adamo sorted out each type of blood by the evolutionary theory behind each group, which has been posited in the 50s.

What is the theory

D’Adamo believes that our bodies deal with different nutrients based on our blood group. This theory is based on D’Adamo’s idea that each blood group has a unique antigen marker, and this marker has a bed reaction on certain foods, which may lead to potential health problems.

Also, D’Adamo thinks that stomach’s acidity and digestive enzymes levels are linked with your type of blood. So, he says if you follow this diet, which is designed specifically for your type of blood, your body will absorb and digest food more efficiently, and the result will be weight loss.

At this point, the theory gets a little bit weird and wonderful. D’Adamo thinks that since our blood types evolved at different times throughout history, people should eat a diet which is based on the food types our ancestors usually ate at the time when the blood type was recognized.

Type O – This is the oldest and the first blood type of humanity. D’Adamo described this ancestral prototype blood type as a canny, aggressive predator. He says that people who have this type of blood should eat a high-protein diet of fish and lean meats, limited bread and grains, and intense exercise.

Type A – After the cultivation of livestock and grains changed a lot for humanity, blood type A developed the need to fully utilize nutrients such as carbohydrates. People who have this type of blood should eat grains, vegetables, soy proteins, restrict red meat, and choose a lighter exercise plan.

Type B – D’Adamo says that people with this blood type are more malleability and this is linked with their flexible digestive system. Type B dieters also enjoy meat and other products and they can tolerate dairy products. Exercise plan for these dieters restricts wheat, lentils, corn, peanuts, tomatoes, and suggests moderate exercise plan.

Type AB – This type of blood shares characteristics with types A and B. These dieters should avoid meats, but they are safe to eat seafood, dairy, tofu, and other products. This plan suggests a mix of the calm and rigorous exercises for fitness routine which is balanced.


It is hard to say anything good about this diet, except that it is based more on science fiction rather than science facts. Just like any other diet, it will get you thinking about your current diet, and it will probably result that you may make several changes to your diet.


There are several. First, you have to find out which is your type of blood. It might be hard for the whole family to follow the diet if everybody has a different blood type. But at the end, it is just another way for people to cut calories.

The final word

While you are on this diet, you will avoid simple carbs and processed food. This will help you to lose some weight, but any weight loss on The Blood Type Diet is not linked to your blood type. Also, there is no research which provides evidence that this diet can give you more energy or aid in digestion.

Even though you will prepare your own foods on this plan, you still have limited choices which depend on your blood type. However, if this diet really intrigues you, then you should consider that science is supporting traditional recommendations for weight loss and healthy eating, rather than restrictions based on your blood type.