The Habit Cheeseburger

Change Your Eating Habits, It’s Easier Than You Think!

Many people claim that they want to turn their bad eating habits into good, but they always leave it for some other day because they’re not ready for so many changes and sacrifices.

After we learned some bad habits from our family, school or at work, and they reflected on our functioning, suddenly we want to change them. That’s where we get confused, we don’t know where to start, what to eat and prepare, we over think our exercise choices, we think about great food, and the motivation is already down. That’s where that old one comes “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. The good news is that you can. You can eat great food which is also healthy, without any sacrifices, and you can also look great and be in excellent shape.

Start With Small Steps

The second fallacy is that only radical changes will give the result. Now, you’ll probably lose weight if you stick to some extreme diet, but the thing is, you’ll probably regret it. You don’t have to change your life starting tomorrow. Nothing in nature and in our society changes drastically. For starters, take small steps, eat almonds instead of potato chips, avoid bread, especially in late hours, and replace soft drinks with water.

What Is Healthy Anyways?

The real question nowadays is what is healthy eating, especially now when we’re bombarded by information regarding contaminated and genetically modified food. Let’s leave that to the experts, and ask ourselves what we know about healthy food. The last couple of decades, fats and carbohydrates have been wrongfully put on a wall of shame, and to replace them we have a bunch of low-calorie low-fat products. As a result, the average person started eating mostly processed food. Breakfast consists of candy, steak or soups which all come from the bag or box. Things which grow in nature and which you can find on flea market are basically healthy.

Three Things Which Can Trick You

Sport. In the first phase, it might be hard for you to go to the gym three times a week. You should have plan B which you can implement when you don’t feel like going to the gym. We suggest that you start with yoga, you can do it at home, and you’ll basically relax instead of having a hard workout.

Then there is time. With modern life comes a time shortage, and each of us has to get some fast food from time to time. Also, each and every one of us, regardless of commitments, can take some time to eat healthily. Start freezing meals! When you make healthy lunch, freeze small portions. The same goes for vegetables, meat, even bread, and soup. Look for recipes which can be prepared easily. Make a list of your favorite meals so you don’t have to think each time what you’ll make.

Finally, there is sugar. More and more, we compare sugar to drugs. Even if you are one of lucky few which don’t really like sweets and you have a problem with weight, there is a big possibility that you are addicted to sugar because it is not only in candy. It is in all processed food and that’s why you need to turn to nature. Research paleo or LCHF foods. If you crave something sweet, turn to fruit.

Yes, But…

“Healthy food costs a lot”, many will say. The same people will probably say that you need money to exercise, and that is also completely wrong. Think about all the money you spend on prepared food, and think about all the money you spend when you go to the grocery store. Calculate your weekly and monthly expenses, and compare it to time and money you spend. Then ask yourself what can you do to eat and live healthily, and ask yourself how much healthy food do you eat, and how much of food you eat that is imposed on you? Hopefully, you’ll realize why muesli diet and diet pills seem like a logic solution to you.