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Craving For Chocolate? Try These 7 Tips

Are you a chocoholic? Chocoholic addiction can be a serious problem, something that just creeps up on you and spirals into a massive problem without you realizing.

Whether you’re celebrating a religious festival, eating out, or even staying in watching TV, for all chocoholics it’s really hard to avoid temptation.

But too many chocolate treats and you could risk serious sugar overload. We can help you to stop your chocolate cravings; just follow these simple tips.

1. Always carry a healthy snack

Many of us use low blood sugar as an excuse for a mid-afternoon chocolate snack. There are plenty of healthy foods that will boost your blood sugar and energy levels like peanut butter sandwich or a banana is much better, because it increases blood sugar gradually, rather than the quick fix hit of chocolate. Learn to anticipate your weak moments and always have healthy alternatives, such as nuts or fruit.

2. Identify the cause

There can be two possibilities that might be fueling your chocolate addiction or cravings. Consider whether any of the followings apply to you:

1. Emotional problems: You are feeling down, anxious, depressed, disappointed, angry, etc., and chocolate helps you to boost your mood.

2. Staving off hunger: You are hungry and chocolate is handy, readily available, and not expensive. This can be especially tempting if there is chocolate readily available in your workplace or college.

3. Solve the problem

Once you have identified your problem, solve it in a healthy and self-compassionate way. Unless you are allergic to chocolate or your doctor has told you to avoid it for medical reasons, you don’t need to stop eating chocolate completely; simply minimize it. You have to make a decision to stop craving chocolate or using it as a crutch. The most important thing is to want to make a change for the better, otherwise, you won’t.

4. Think positive

You can reach your goal by telling yourself that you can do this. Words are powerful. If you think that avoiding chocolate is going to be hard, it will be hard. Change your negative self-talk if you are going to take control of your diet and your health. Be positive and know that you can do this!

5. Take up exercise

It may not be as immediately satisfying as munching on a chocolate bar, but exercise increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter which promotes feelings of happiness. Exercise also releases endorphins in the same way that chocolate bar will, the only exercise is better for you in the long run. After a good exercise, you won’t have as much need for chocolate.

6. Blood glucose levels

A low glycemic load (GL) foods will help keep your blood sugar level balanced. The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbs according to their effects on blood glucose levels. Low GI carbs produce only small fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Consuming quality lean proteins and the right fats with low GI carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread, will make you feel full and stop your cravings for chocolate.

7. Know that cravings might be something else

Before you reach for chocolate, think about what your body really needs. People mistake thirst for hunger or cravings. Because your chocolate cravings are often just a sign of dehydration, so hydrate and drink water, not juice or soft drink. It is recommended to drink detox water — water infused with your favorite fruits — to hit sugar cravings the natural way.