nigari (magnesium chloride) = ocean deep water

Do It Yourself: Magnesium Oil Against Stress

Nutrients that you apply to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of that, you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you don’t want in your blood. Oils rich in magnesium have amazing effects on the human body. That’s why we apply it to the skin.

What Is Magnesium Oil?

It’s not actually oil. It is greasy as oil, but it’s actually magnesium chloride crystals dissolved in water. You can buy it but it’s lot cheaper if you make it yourself.

Because it’s applied to the skin, the body will only absorb as much magnesium as it needs. It is a lot better than taking magnesium pills because it can start piling up in your body.

Benefits Of Magnesium Oil

Many people lack magnesium in their bodies and this oil is a great way to replenish it. After air, water, and food, magnesium is one of the most important elements necessary to our body to function properly.

It is even more important than calcium, potassium, and sodium. Many people suffer from lack of magnesium without even knowing it.

Magnesium Role In Human Body

1. Necessary for over 300 enzyme reactions in our body
2. Relaxes muscles
3. Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
4. Soothes cardiovascular system
5. Crucial to maintaining hormones in both males and females
6. Necessary after stressing out
7. Calms down and fixes the mood
8. Helps you sleep better
9. Treats PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps
10. Improves immune system
11. Treats migraine

Magnesium Oil Recipe

• 125 ml of boiled water
• 8 spoons of magnesium chloride crystals
• Spray bottle

Boil water and pour it in a glass bowl in which you’ve previously added magnesium chloride crystals and stir it until it’s dissolved. When it cools down, pour it in the spray bottle. You don’t have to keep it in the fridge.

How To Apply It

If you’re applying this oil for the first time, be prepared for some tingling sensation. It lessens over time because your body is replenishing its magnesium levels. It can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is certainly worth it.
If you have sensitive, irritated or wounded skin, tingling feeling is going to be more intense. Try applying to a smaller skin surface, and move up from there. You’ll notice thin whitish layer which stays on the skin after magnesium dries out. You can wash it off, but you have to wait for at least half an hour.

Additional Uses

1. It can be used as a cheap and nontoxic deodorant, just avoid applying it right after shaving.
2. You can get smooth curls. Spray it on your hair and you’ll get summer hairstyle like you just came from the beach.
3. Use it with massage oil for double effect.
4. If you have a sports injury or sore muscles, you can treat them with this oil.
5. Add it to your bath, get into the bathtub and enjoy a relaxing bath before the sleep.