Does Juice Cleansing And Detoxing Really Work

If you have some extra pounds and want to lose it as quickly as possible, then a ‘detox’ can certainly seem like a good idea. Who isn’t tempted by the promise of immediate, drastic, noticeable results?

Who would rather spend a couple of months working hard to lose pounds when they could get the same results in a few weeks, maybe even a few days? A lot of people go on detoxes and cleanses to lose weight. They are more interested in how they look on the outside than what’s happening on the inside.

A lot of detox diets are a form of calorie restriction, which can help you lose weight. But the most of that weight loss is coming from carbohydrate stores. You’re losing those stores in your muscles and liver, that explains a lot of fatigue and tiredness. Most of the reason people don’t feel good on these diets is because they are in a state of semi-starvation. It is actually putting you at risk of nutrient deficiency because you’re not getting adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Our bodies are full of toxins, such as urea, which we excrete during the day. Our kidney and liver work very well at getting rid of those toxins. But there is no chance that a three-day detox diet will move all the toxins from our body, and it certainly won’t get enough fiber, healthy fats and protein. You can not consume any food you want and then cleanse for a week and get rid of all the bad effects from the prior poor eating.

It just doesn’t make sense and it is just not a balanced approach to weight loss. Instead, people should choose a balanced diet, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on a long-term plan. If you think about a cleanse a lot, it is the sign that in general you are not happy with the way you eat and you might want to talk to someone about a balanced approach. For the most part, if you put out all the food except fruits and vegetables, it will be too limiting and can do more harm than good.

People should not mind having a juice drink instead of one meal, but when it’s three meals for several days, it is a bad idea. Because this “detoxing” also promotes for people to stop smoking, drink healthy juices, exercise more, eat more vegetables, so in that way this is not such a bad thing. The detox salad, for example, is very heavy and delicious, but let’s not pretends that making all kinds of bad health decisions for our body can be rectified by a simple 3-day juice detox.

This whole idea that it can is very damaging because it lets people think they can eat what they want and just fix it later with a simple detox. Good health and proper nutrition can’t really be cheated. The human body is really great at detoxing itself, without the help of supplements, tonics or juices.