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Everything You Should Know About Aronia

Aronia (Photinia Melanocarpa), commonly known as black chokeberry due to its strong flavor, is a shrub which natively grows in eastern North America.

Individuals who sell these berries or products made from them call them Aronia berry or simply Aronia. This adaptable plant commonly grows in wildlife gardens where its fruit is enjoyed by many different animals.

However, in recent years, most of its native habitat has been lost to urbanization and field crops. Aronia fruit has the similar appearance to a blueberry and can be eaten juiced, canned or whole. This super berry is usually consumed in a processed form due to its stringent, strong taste. Extract from Aronia is also a common ingredient in health food supplements and whole food vitamins due to its many health benefits. This berry is rich in antioxidants which are called anthocyanins.

These antioxidants are powerful and they fight free radicals in the body. In addition, they can prevent cellular damage, signs of aging and the development of diseases, such as chronic inflammations, certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Researchers have discovered a lot of powerful agents in Aronia, such as epicatechin, delphinidin, malvidin, caffeic acid, and much more.These ingredients can provide antidiabetic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Therefore, it’s thought that these agents make Aronia capable of fighting the formation of arterial plaque, improving the body’s natural production of insulin, lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver from toxins and lowering blood sugar. Recently, this berry is gaining popularity in America as a powerful health food ingredient. The levels of anthocyanin found in this fruit are among the highest found in plants.

In addition, Aronia produces one of the highest values of antioxidants ever recorded, more than double in comparison with gooseberry. Adding this super berry to your diet can help prevent disease and combat sickness. This fruit is becoming more widely available in a variety of forms, such as in fruit juices and jellies, due to its popularity. Make sure to inform your doctor if you are planning to add an Aronia supplement to your regular diet so that he or she is up to date.

Health benefits of aronia

Aronia has great health benefits, such as:

Strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation: Aronia berries are known to make blood vessels stronger, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve the circulation of blood.

Helps in treatment of diabetes: According to studies, these super berries won’t increase your blood sugar levels and they can even lower them.

Anti-carcinogenic effect: These black colored berries have the effect on cancer, and it’s known to be especially effective for people suffering from colon cancer.

Eye protection: Among all other healthy benefits, Aronia berries also provide good protection for our eyes. A large amount of carotene can be found in these super berries, which protects cells from damage and the eyes from cataract formation.

Urinary tract health: Aronia berries keep good urinary tract health. This is important because urinary tract infections happen to millions of people around the world.

Balance of blood pressure levels: Aronia helps greatly in keeping normal levels of blood pressure.

Suppress viruses, anti-inflammatory properties: Aronia berries fight viruses and bacteria, and boost the immune system. If you consume them regularly, you will not have trouble with flu or cold anytime soon.