Everything You Should Know About Oregano

Oregano is a native Mediterranean herb. It has been used for culinary and medicine purposes for centuries. High-quality oregano provides a pungency which numbs the tongue.

The best quality oregano grows in the warm, dry environment. Its name derived from the Greek phrase ‘joy of the mountains’.

Besides being well known as Mediterranean herb, it is also known as Mexican herb that belongs to the Lamiaceae plant family and is also categorized underneath the organic title Origanum vulgare. Even though it is known as a perennial herb, in harsher climatic areas like North America, it develops as annuals. Oregano provides an average warm, balsamic tinge to meals and is also viewed as an essential seasoning in many Mediterranean recipes.

Nutrients content

Oregano is extremely high in fiber that is known to decrease high cholesterol levels and lower the potential risk of colon cancer. And even more, this herb is a wonderful supply of omega fatty acids, manganese, tryptophan, vitamin E, iron, and calcium.

How to use oregano?

Its warm, aromatic flavor works well with many foods (not just Mediterranean). Try adding it to your veggies, eggs and salad dressings, for starters. Beyond this, one of the best ways to use oregano in your cooking is adding it to meat before cooking process, which may help lower the toxic compounds created during the cooking. You can easily do this simply by mixing the dry spices together and rubbing them onto the meat before searing, or you can add them to your marinade.

Health benefits of oregano

Oregano contains iron, manganese, as well as vitamin A. Eating fresh oregano regularly has the capacity to enhance your defense mechanisms. The compound of thymol, as well as carvacrol in oregano, is good for treating problems of the digestive system and also stomach, in a way to drink a glass of water combined with 2- 3 drops of oil of oregano. Oregano is additionally known as a pain reliever during menstruation. You simply chew a few fresh oregano leaves 3 times daily to lessen menstrual pain.

With a high fever, oregano also is employed to lower your body’s temperature. Just combine several drops of oregano oil with a glass of water and also consume 3-5 days. This particular amazing herb is a great source of minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium, iron and magnesium. Potassium is a crucial element of cell and body fluids that can help manage your heartbeat as well as blood pressure level. In addition, it slows down cell degeneration, therefore slowing down the entire process of aging.

Side effects

Oregano is safe to consume and almost never poses a danger whenever used orally or even topically. Some of the oregano side effects include allergy symptoms, vomiting and stomach upset, and skin irritation. Oregano must also not be consumed while pregnant because it can stimulate labor. People who are allergic along with other similar herbs just like mint and basil may suffer allergy symptoms to oregano. Oregano oil just isn’t known to cause any drug interactions, but it may possibly occasionally hamper the body’s ability to absorb iron.