Basmati Rice

Everything You Should Know About Rice

Basmati Rice
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People every day eat rice as an important food source that provides energy.

Rice is high in energy and low-fat food so people put it in just about anything to make numerous, delicious and tasty dishes, ranging from risottos in Italy to sushi in Japan.

Maybe you think you know everything about rice, but these are all main things that people should know about this grain:

1. Health benefits

Health benefits depend on which rice type you eat. The best of all is the brown rice, which is consisted of only whole grains. The whole grains help with numerous health problems, for example in helping to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

People who regularly consume rice get a few calories from fat and all the most important nutrients. Rice is the best grain and gluten free, that is very important for people with gluten intolerance. It also helps for those suffering from diarrhea and colitis. White rice also comes as the digestive aid and natural anti-inflammatory.

2. Rice is rich in nutrients

Rice is a complex carbohydrate containing a large number of very important nutrients like iron, B-vitamins, iron, zinc and folic acid, that help boost mental and muscular function. In terms of required muscle building amino acids, especially when rice is served with meat, this grain also provides important amino acids.

Rice is considered one of the highest quality proteins when we compare to other grain plants. It has the necessary building blocks for strong muscles because it contains all eight of the essential amino acids.

3. Losing weight with rice

Rice is naturally low in fat and does not contain the trans fats or saturated fats associated with elevated cholesterol. In one cup it has only 100 calories, so it is great for calorie counting and portion control. Because the carbohydrates in rice trigger the production of serotonin, eating rice can even make you happy.

Serotonin is the hormone that helps to reduce your appetite and can boost mood. Despite the recent negative press about carbohydrates, white rice remains the main food on the planet. The real problem is what is put into the rice during the cooking and not rice itself. White rice has many health advantages over other carbohydrates and it is actually full of nutrients.

4. Dangers of eating rice

White rice is fast carb, meaning it is broken down into sugar in the body very fast. Studies have shown that after eating white rice five times a week increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, glucose spikes, and insulin resistance.

The best to use is brown rice that has a lower glycemic index and decreases the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Rice production is affected by global climate changes as the global warming. The growing time of rice has been cut, and rice has shown many diseases. In order to prevent the diseases, many chemicals have been added to the rice so be aware what you eat.