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Everything You Should Know About Unrefined Sugar

When we choose what sugar is the most healthy of all, unrefined sugar is the best choice. Even though they are both brown, unrefined sugar is not the same as the brown sugar.

Refined white sugar in general, has devastating effects on our body and health. With a lack of any nutritional substance, it is considered to be; “empty calories”. So what is it and what are the real benefits and dangers of unrefined sugar?

Here is the answer: Unrefined sugar contains the nutritional content, which refined sugars don’t have. Unrefined (or less refined) requires less energy and chemicals and is, therefore, better for the environment. Also, refined sugar contains many harmful ingredients that are added to the sugar because sugar production process refines sugar but unrefined sugar do not have these harmful additives.

Because it contains much more of natural nutrients from sugar, like magnesium, calcium, and iron, we are constantly consuming it. If you maybe wonder where to find unrefined sugar here is an answer: fruit, honey, brown rice syrup, cane juice, date sugar, molasses, agave nectar and maple sugar.

Health benefits

Because there is present the increase of obesity and diabetes worldwide, people must pay attention to the type of sweeteners they use. It is important to make sure that you are not consuming very large amounts of sugar in your diet, specifically refined white sugar. But unrefined sugar is the best choice because contains nutrients and minerals that are being taken out in refining sugar process.

Any type of sugar, that is not unrefined, makes people become ‘hyper’ because it quickly increases levels of blood sugar. Unrefined sugar also contains more fiber than refined, which is another bonus.After eating refined sugar it will give you an energy boost but at the same time may occur energy level ‘crash’, because it has the tendency to drop off rapidly. Unrefined sugars not only have a great nutrient value but also help your body in losing weight and properly kidney work.

Dangers of consuming unrefined sugar

We know that ‘healthy fats‘ are really healthy but, but we can not say that in the same way exists a sugar that is healthy. If you want to consume the products made with sugar, any sugar, you have to accept that it is not good to eat a large amount every day. Sugar and treats are good but should be only enjoyed only in moderation. The Palm sugar, that people think it is the most healthy sugar of all, contains 80% sucrose.

The remaining 20% What remains is the mixture of fructose and glucose. When you eat sucrose, your body breaks it down into glucose and fructose. So you get practically the same result because eating any of these sugars will raise your blood sugar. In short, all sugar raises your blood sugar levels, so it is not good to take a large amount of sugar because it is still a ‘Sugar’.