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Flat Belly Myths Demystified

Can Certain Foods Help You Maintain A Flat Belly?

Having a flat belly with the right combination of foods is absolutely not possible. No particular food can cause the excess of belly fat because fat develops on the body when the calories are not utilized as energy.

These excess calories come from any kind of food, and there is no special food which can prevent that. Fat can accumulate anywhere on a body and it’s determined by generic. Even though it is still unknown why it happens, women in menopause are more affected with fat accumulation. As person ages, metabolism slows down, and that means less energy is used up from food.

Your Best Action Plan For A Flat Belly

You should monitor your intake of calories. If you eat too many high-calorie foods it can leave you with more calories than you actually need. Consuming more food than you need to fuel your body through the day causes fat accumulation as the result. Things which can help to prevent this are portion size and frequency. You can prevent weight gain if you consume fewer calories at each meal when your metabolic rates decline.

You can prevent weight gain if you limit intake of saturated fats which are found in foods like butter, cream, and red meat, to less than 10% of your diet. Great sources of unsaturated fats are foods such as olive oil, fish, avocado and walnuts, which can lower your cholesterol. Also, exercise regularly. You can burn off accumulated fat if you exercise and use more energy.

Myths About Your Abs

Most of the frustrations about the abs are unrealistic expectations and misinformation. People rely on outdated ideas about their abs workout. Here are some of the myths which are related to the flat belly.

First Myth: Doing ab exercises gets rid of abdominal fat. If you want to burn fat from your belly you need to exercise and eat healthy, low-calorie diet. This includes regular cardio exercises, strength training and flexibility training. You should also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Second Myth: Ab muscles are different from other muscles of the body. Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle in your body. You should train them the same way you train, for example, your triceps or legs.

Third Myth: You have to do high repetitions of ab exercises to see progress. if you want to make strength gains with your abs, then you need to follow the same principles which apply for every muscle in your body.

Fourth Myth: Anyone can have a flat stomach. The factors which dictate how your body will look are too many to keep track of. Genetics, gender, and age decide what your body and your belly will look like.

Fifth Myth: You need special equipment to train abs. No, you do not need special equipment to work your abs. Machines provide no apparent benefit or detriment when they are compared to a properly performed crunch. Researchers discovered no differences in muscle activity for basic obliques, crunches and reverse curls than for exercises which are done on top-selling ab machines.

Sixth Myth: You have to train your abs every day. At least a day of rest to recover your muscles is a rule of weight training, and this also applies to your abdominals as well. You should do your abs every other day or even only three times per week. Your abs need to break just like the rest of your body. The trick is to challenge your abs hard enough.