Foods That Will Make You Feel Better

Try the Happy Foods to Feel Better on Low Days

A woman’s life is like an ocean of emotions! Somedays are just low. You may feel rejected, depressed, dejected, insulted, hurt, targeted, heartbroken, or abused.

The reasons can be several but the purpose here is to find a remedy instead of stirring the bad memories. You may be already aware of the amazing comforting value of your favorite foods. Do check out the following list of happy foods. Most probably, you already know these! Still, read on for the details.


Chocolate is a miracle food. It has been always a girl’s favorite mood-lifter, in just any occasion! When you are happy or sad, you love chocolate. It is actually scientific. Black chocolates are especially remarkable pure carbohydrates, which mean they are not riddled with fat or protein.

The carbohydrate is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that triggers the secretion of the neurotransmitter happy hormone serotonin. However, do be a little careful on the indulgence. An excess of anything never bodes well! Avoid the fatty creamy kinds as they restrict serotonin production.

Taking the clue from the serotonin effect, also consider cutting down on foods that suppress serotonin production. Chicken, cheese, and turkey are not good foods in this perspective. However, it is natural to find them gratifying as well. Lifting your mood is always about whatever works best! Just make sure to be happy with small servings. Big scoops just mean you are spiraling into depression constantly.


About beverages, the first mood-lifter that comes to mind is obviously alcohol. While it is true that the inebriation can make you feel happy, yet it is essentially a very fine line. Just like overeating chocolate, you may tend to develop alcoholism because the depression seems never ending.

Besides, too much drinking dulls you and blocks your judgment. Drink only a few pegs and do not make it a habit! Excess alcohol can cause some serious weight gain. Coffee seriously deserves a special mention. It is more of a problem-solver than a mood-lifter in fact. The caffeine hits directly at the brain, helping you to see things clearly.

The choice of beverages depends on you. You can like herbal teas like the rose tea, chamomile, and peppermint. A cup of green tea is also very pleasant. You may love to drink fruit juices. It can be anything just as long as you know how to derive happiness from food without damaging your health.

Pizzas and other fast foods

Many women inevitably order fast foods because they may feel too sad to cook even! While the tasty foods can be good, they can be very tough to the health. Please avoid highly processed fast foods that do not contain much nutritional value. Soft drinks are also not good for health.

Pizza is good. However, as again, remember to order a small size. The main way comfort eating works is by stimulating the secretion of feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain. You are in luck if you are reading this from Melbourne, Australia.

Entrepreneur Emily Arundel is setting up a restaurant here that she aptly names “Serotonin Kitchen”. Essentially, this is the real happy meal, as people can order dishes based on their serotonin level! Talk about ordering happiness in a restaurant; it is now a reality in Australia!