Apis mellifera

Royal Jelly: The Natural Wonder

In order to induce the superior development and growth of the queen bee, honeybees produce a milky-white secretion called Royal Jelly, which is the principal food of the honeybee queen.

Coconut oil

9 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Even though coconut oil has been criticized for its generous saturated fat, it has been given a second chance as a healthy fat.

Black Tea 2012/10/7, 台茶18号红茶

High Cholesterol Natural Remedies

Unhealthy lifestyle choices like lack of adequate physical activity and diet high in saturated fats often cause high cholesterol.

Beautiful young lady sleeping with husband on bed

5 Tips For Better Sleep

How you feel while you are awake highly depends on how well you sleep. Similarly, the cure for the difficulties with sleep can be usually found in your daily routine.

Guacamole Burger

7 Ways Fast Food Addiction Affects Everything

Junk food is bad. You do not have to look far to know why. Just think why it is called ‘Junk’! Essentially, these only fill you up for the moment without adding any nutritive value to the body.