Hiking near Slogen

7 Things You Should Know About Hiking

Hiking is the perfect hobby to keep you both, physically and mentally fit. Not only you’ll benefit from being more active, but you’ll feel much better and sleep better after spending time outside in fresh air.

crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

5 Gluten – Free Chocolate Chip Recipe Ideas

Being on a gluten-free diet, doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself. Gluten-free diet can be challenging at first. You have to transform all your classic, traditional recipes, like chocolate chip cookie recipe, for gluten-free.

8 Ways To Stick To Your Diet At Work

Many off us live stressful lives. Thousands of people rush out of their homes every morning with nothing but a cup of coffee. This unhealthy lifestyle has taken its toll on our health.

Coconut Oil for Body Care

13 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is so good that everyone should consume on a daily basis. This healthy oil is extracted from the fruit of the coconut palm. It is consisted mostly of lauric acid.

Carlsbad Strawberry Co.

7 Foods That’ll Calm You Down

Stress can cause your cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol causes food cravings, and those cravings tend to be strongest for carbs, especially sweet foods.

Life is short ...eat dessert first

Craving For Chocolate? Try These 7 Tips

Are you a chocoholic? Chocoholic addiction can be a serious problem, something that just creeps up on you and spirals into a massive problem without you realizing.

Stinky Tofu

7 Ways To Spice Up Tofu

If you are a vegetarian or just like the idea of making nutritious, meatless meals, using vegetable protein in your recipes has real merit.