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Getting Bored With Your Diet? Try These 6 Tips!

One of the common reasons for stopping healthy eating is “boredom” with the food. Eating is an experience. It is the way how we connect with others, take a break from our daily routine, and most importantly, fuel our bodies.

Because it is so important part of your day, make it as enjoyable as possible! Healthy food can be fun with just a little thought. To prevent your “boredom” with the food, we have some great tips for you!

1. Spice your food

Wasabi, hot sauce, cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes, make so many meals more interesting, from your morning eggs, turkey breast for lunch, to your vegetable dinner. Diet food doesn’t mean tasteless food. Remember this forever. Add pomegranate champagne vinegar, ginger rice vinegar, fresh lemon or lime juice, or white balsamic vinegar, to kick up the flavor profile of savory meals, especially fish. Add mixed mushrooms (Portobello or shitake) to tomato sauce, stir fries or tacos for a woodsy, hearty flavor.

2. Change your routine

Instead of adding fruit, cinnamon or honey to your yogurt, add some chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a dash of red wine vinegar for a tangy, Mediterranean-inspired meal. Pair it with raw veggies. Add natural peanut butter and cocoa powder for a peanut-buttery chocolate treat. Green tea doesn’t just belong in a mug. Sprinkle in some green tea powder and stir some antioxidants right into your bowl.

3. Get fruity

If you’re like sweets, fruit is a great way to get your fix without binging on chocolate or candy. Instead of your normal afternoon snack, try the banana or another fruit you can easily toss in your purse. You can add any fruit as a dessert, side dish, or even put some into your main dish. Fruit gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals and it satisfies your need for sweets. Another good idea, if you have a juicer, it is good to juice various veggies and then add fruit to the flavor. You will be getting the added benefit of veggies with the taste of fruit juice.

4. Eat your healthy meal outside with you friends

A meal or snack is instantly more delightful when you take it outside with your friends. Sit on your front steps or under a tree with your meal. Pack your healthy meal and take it to the park. Take your tasty smoothie with you. You might even, if you like winter, wait until a bright winter day to take a hike and make your healthy dinner over a fire.

5. Join a cooking club

No matter how you cook, sign up for a regular cooking club to learn some new techniques. Besides cooking, it’s a great way for you to socialize while creating healthy menus and shopping lists, and then cooking the new dishes you’ve chosen. Build on new interests and be more creative.

6. Be smart with healthy ingredients

For example, if you don’t like vegetables, you might like it in some other form. If you don’t milk and you’re worried about calcium intake, you might blend it—or yogurt—into a smoothie. Besides being tasty and healthy, the smoothie is ready in 5 minutes or less! Of course, you don’t want to serve all these ingredients only in hidden form. You can cut your own hearts, flowers … anything you want! Use your imagination.