Jam on the bough - Rosehips

Health Benefits Of Rosehips

The health benefits of rosehips include their ability to relieve many respiratory conditions, lower cholesterol, reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, prevent cancer, increase urination, manage diabetes, boost the immune system, help to build strong bones, regulate your digestive system, and increase circulation.

Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant. They normally form in late summer and autumn, after the plant has been pollinated. Many people forget about roses once the rosebud falls off. However, the fruit of the rose plant is yet to come. Although the color is typically red, it can also be black, purple, or orange. They are some of the most nutritionally packed fruits, which is the reason why they became such a desirable and sought after product in many markets in the world.

They have been cultivated for many reasons, even as decoration due to their color and shape. However, it wasn’t until recent decades that the medicinal value was discovered. The number of ways that they can be prepared is impressive. Marmalade, pies, wine, bread, tisanes, soups, jellies and jams are some of the most common forms of rosehips. Rosehips are very versatile ingredient which is enjoyed by many people around the world, whether due to its nutritional benefits or for its delicious flavor.

Prevents chronic diseases and cancer

The polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids which can be found in rosehips are extremely powerful antioxidants, that eliminate or neutralize free radicals which can be found within your body. Free radicals are connected to many serious conditions, such as heart disease, premature aging, and cancer.

Immune system

Rosehips contain a good amount of vitamin C. This vitamin stimulates white blood cells and is also important in preventing asthma and the general health of the respiratory system. Through the intake of rosehips and its amount of vitamin C, you can reduce respiratory conditions, such as flu and cold.

Skin care

Many people around the world want their skin to look more youthful, blemish-free, and beautiful. There are a lot of potential treatments and products for tightening and toning the skin, but rosehips are one of the best solutions. Their astringent quality keeps the skin elastic, so it doesn’t develop wrinkles, burns and scars are quickly healed, flaws easily eliminated, and the skin generally looks more vibrant and younger.

Diabetes management

Rosehips are good at strict regulation of the blood sugar levels, which is very important for people who suffer from diabetes. Rosehips can prevent the plunges and spikes in blood sugar, by keeping the balance of glucose and insulin in your body.

Digestion and diuretic effects

Pectin and many other acids within rosehips are known to induce excretion and urination. Rosehips can eliminate toxins from your body, as well as excess liquids, salts, and even fat. They can also help a person to avoid any kind of unfortunate health discomforts and conditions by stimulating the bowel movement.


Rosehips are a good source of iron, which is an important component in the creation of red blood cells. For that reason, by using an adequate amount of rosehips in your diet, you can prevent anemia and also keep your essential organs oxygenated.

Lowers cholesterol

Rosehips contain some of the antioxidant components and organic compounds which reduce the cholesterol content in your body. As a result, this reduces strain on your cardiovascular system and also lowers your chances of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.