11 Slow Cooker Healthy Recipes

Because the slow cooker cooks foods slowly at a low temperature, the vitamin and mineral content of foods are preserved. A slow cooker is designed to make meals as easy as possible. Also, it can save you money and time. Here are 11 healthy slow cooker recipes!


7 Healthy Substitutions For Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are supposed to provide you with extra energy. However, most energy drinks are loaded with added sugars and caffeine. Also, energy drinks can cause anxiety, shaky hands or nausea. Here are seven substitutions for energy drinks!


6 Delicious Vegan Dip Recipes

Dips are one of my favorite meals. You can’t go wrong with dips at breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are super easy to make and super-healthy. They are also great party food- a party isn’t a party without dips!

Matcha Tea

9 Best Ways to Get Most of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha, the tea that everyone got crazy about. And unlike other teas this one is being used for everything – cold drinks, warm drinks, lattes, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurts, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, basically everything that you can eat or drink. We brought you nine advice on how to get most of a matcha when experimenting with it.

Tomato Sauce I

6 Low-Calorie Sauce Ideas

The sauce is a great addition to any meal. You can add them to your salads or pasta. It can turn your dish into something much more impressive. Keep in mind that most store-bought sauces are very high in sodium, additives, and calories. Making your own sauce at home can save your money and health.


5 Chrono Diet Lunch Ideas

According to the Chrono diet, lunch should be the biggest meal of the day. The Chrono diet recommends eating lunch between 13am to 15 pm.Lunch should be large without desserts or snacks. You shouldn’t eat anything at least 5 hours after lunch.