Chai tea

Here Is Why Putting Sugar In Tea Isn’t Healthy

Tea is on favorite drinks to millions of people around the world. Tea taste is bitter to most people because of the caffeine so they add sugar to the tea, which not only cuts the bitterness but changes the chemistry of the drink at a fundamental level.

Tea is not only tasty but also a very healthy drink. But if we put sugar in the tea, will it still be healthy? These are all the main reasons why adding sugar in tea is bad:

1. It changes the taste

Some people like to add sugar to every type of tea but it changes the taste of the tea in a much wider scope than just making it sweeter. What may help you to reduce the amount of sugar in drinks is using herbal or fruit tea. It is also much easier and healthier to drink tea without adding sugar.

2. It is not healthy

Sugar is toxic and addictive because it activates the same centers in the brain activated by tobacco, alcohol, and nicotine. Especially people with the higher intakes of added sugars will have lower levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of bad cholesterol. There is no any amount of sugar that can be safe. Naturally, sugars in vegetables and fruit are balanced by the fiber, vitamins, and enzymes that help the body deal with it more easily. On the other hand, added sugar in tea provides none of these benefits.

3. People are using too much sugar

Try to reduce the amount of sugar you have in your tea by half over a few weeks. You will quickly get used to the taste; you just make it a habit to add less. If you add three teaspoons of sugar to your tea, try adding 1 teaspoon less over the next week and see if you notice much difference. Try to use even less sugar over time.

The safer idea would be to use organic or unrefined sugar like raw honey, agave nectar, or raw brown sugar. Adding just a little bit of honey into your tea is a good way of lightly sweetening your tea that is naturally-bitter. You may want to use sweeteners so try different types if you like the first brand you can use that. But if possible try to adjust your taste buds to enjoying less sweetness. This should help wean you off other sweet tea.

4. You will gain weight

Tea is a great way to help regulate your metabolism. There are so many types of teas on the market that it is really hard to know where to begin, but a good place to start is by reading the ingredient list on the label. If it has added sugar, put it back on the shelf. Sugar will destroy any weight loss benefits earned by the tea. Sugar, even a healthy one, is still a sugar, so adding sugar to tea can cause moderate weight gain. You need to get used to drinking your tea without sugar.