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How To Buy The Healthiest Yogurt

Yogurt has a reputation as a truly healthy food. However, you should know that it can turn into junk food really quickly.

Even if you skip the obvious offenders, such as yogurts with candy toppings or crushed cookies, some of them pile on the excess calories and sugars.

With so many choices out there how can you be sure that you are choosing wisely? In this article, we will show you how to buy the healthiest yogurt.

List of ingredients

It is very important that you check the labels when you are choosing any type of food which is not naturally made. In order to make yogurt, all you need is milk and two live bacterial cultures which turn the milk into yogurt through a fermentation process. Sugars and fruits are added for flavor. A long list of ingredients is the first sign of a chemical-filled plastic cup which is disguised as a healthy and reliable food.


Today, sugar is the enemy and if you are trying to cut back on sugars listed on the label, don’t be dissuaded by the serving size of the yogurt. Yogurt derives much of its sugar from a lactose and also the blended or fresh fruit inside. It is important to make sure that you are not consuming fruit syrups or sugar-laden fruit.

Currently, labels do not differentiate between added sugars which are thrown in during the yogurt-making process and naturally occurring sugars. Look carefully at the label and skip any yogurt product which lists sugar as the main ingredient.

Daily calcium percentages

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, which is necessary for the structural support of teeth and bone and is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Adults need 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day and in order to get the recommended dose, you should get calcium from food sources before relying on supplements.

Yogurt can help you achieve your necessary requirements. 452 milligrams of calcium can be found in the average 8-ounce cup. Look at the label and choose the one which provides at least 15% of the daily value of calcium per serving.

Probiotics and cultures

Probiotics are good bacteria which are living inside your digestive track. They are also the key to the health benefits of yogurt. However, not every yogurt has live and active cultures because some companies treat their yogurt with heat. This process will reduce the tartness, kill off bacteria, and increase its shelf life. In case a company uses this process, it is required by the FDA to put it on their labels.

The non-GMOs and GMOs

Genetically modified organisms are animals or plants which are created through genetic engineering that can’t occur through traditionally crossbreeding or in nature. It is, in fact, an experimental technology which can create unstable combinations of animals and plants with unpredictable side effects. Today, more than 40 types of plants have been genetically modified, which is used to make apples redder, salmon mature faster, and corn sweeter.

One company has posted a statement which explained the reason its yogurt is genetically modified. According to the statement, the company requires a high volume of milk and there isn’t enough organic milk available to meet the demand of consumers. In the future, labels will be required on all genetically modified foods.