How To Properly Combine Ingredients: Fries With Meat Are Bad For Your Health

Fries and meat! Hm, it sounds delicious, but according to nutritionists, this combination is on top of the unhealthy food combination list. There are clear rules on ingredients which you can combine. All you need to do is follow nutritionists plan on how to eat more healthy.


Carbohydrates and acids

Ingredients rich in carbohydrates and those which contain a considerable amount of acids shouldn’t be combined in the same meal. Avoid mixing potatoes, rice or bread with tomatoes, lemon or pickles. Enzyme ptyalin breaks down carbohydrates in the mouth and kills even smallest concentration of acids, and that is the argument behind this advice.

Digestion slows down and you might feel nauseous. Tomatoes shouldn’t be mixed with ingredients rich in starch because the concentration of acid in tomatoes makes digestion of starch difficult. The ideal combination would be tomatoes with leafy vegetables or greasy food.

Proteins and carbohydrates

You shouldn’t combine carbohydrates and proteins in your meals. This means that cheese, meat, eggs, and nuts or other ingredients rich in protein shouldn’t be eaten with bread, grains, potatoes, and fruit. So, potatoes and meat are a really bad for your health. Carbohydrates stop the flow of juices necessary for digestion. Ingredients stay longer in the body and produce more toxins and gasses.

Proteins and acidic fruit

Meat, eggs, milk and cheese shouldn’t be combined in the same meal with oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples, etc. The acidic fruit has a bad effect on protein digestion.

Fruit only on empty stomach

Fruit should be eaten three hours after the main meal, or half an hour before the meal.



Red and white meat goes great with vegetables, whether it’s fresh or salad. Fish goes well with vegetables, rice, and potatoes.

Potatoes and pasta

Potatoes and pasta can be eaten with vegetables or mushrooms. So, you have different pasta at your disposal…


You should eat at least one fruit each day. But, you shouldn’t eat too much of it. The portion of 300g a day is enough, everything more than that will cause digestion problems.